Photos from The Hush Sound’s “Medicine Man” Video Shoot

Yesterday we found out more about Panic at the Disco and The Cab‘s upcoming videos, and now today we’ve got information on another Decaydance band’s recent shoot. The Hush Sound have filmed a video for the song “Medicine Man” from their latest album Goodbye, Blues.

If you saw their fantastic video for “Honey,” you know that it ends with Greta dropping a photo signed “The Medicine Man.” No word yet on if that means the two videos will have a cohesive storyline, but from these new pictures from the set it’s hard to imagine they do.

The Hush Sound made waves last week when they announced that bassist Chris Faller was leaving the band to pursue other opportunities. The announcement came just as the band is getting read to tour again, this time with OneRepublic, Augustana and Spill Canvas.

What do you think of the preview shots? Are you looking forward to the video? Are there other songs from Goodbye, Blues you’d like to see videos for (hint hint: “The Boys are Too Refined”)?