goodbye blues

Photos from The Hush Sound’s “Medicine Man” Video Shoot

Yesterday we found out more about Panic at the Disco and The Cab‘s upcoming videos, and now today we’ve got information on another Decaydance band’s recent shoot.  <a

The Hush Sound Announce Summer Headlining Tour!

Have the Hushies successfully won you over as openers on the Honda Civic Tour? Because if so, you’ll be ecstatic to learn they’ve announced a summer headlining tour and will be taking along those…

The Hush Sound Featured in ‘House’ Promo

[cut] PLUS [/cut]

The Hush Sound‘s “Medicine Man” off their recent release Goodbye Blues is the promo music for the next episode of Fox’s…

The Hush Sound roundup: New video, new snaps & more

Despite all the hullaballoo that’s going on about Panic‘s release, I feel the need to remind you about The Hush Sound‘s Goodbye Blues! The…

The Hush Sound’s ‘Honey’

Video for the first single off ‘Goodbye Blues’. Cool imagery, cool theme… who will win Greta over in the end 😉

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