John Cleese Compares Sarah Palin to a Parrot

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Yeah, so, John Cleese. One of the funniest men in history. From Monty Python, you know?

John Cleese sits 0n the shoulder of Mr. Uri von Blargle.
EDIT: This just in, it turns out that the man we previously identified as John Cleese is, in fact, a lemur. John Cleese is the somewhat charming in that “are you my uncle?”-way lemur stand. Mr. Uri von Blargle is not pictured.
We apologize to Mr. Blargle and his legal team for the mistake.We also apologize to the lemur and his legal team for the mistake and hope he will withdraw his liable charges. Thank you.

…he was Nearly Headless Nick in Harry Potter, people!

Anyway, during an interview, Cleese gave his thoughts on Alaska’s darling Sarah Palin. And they’re not all complimentary…

Okay, John. Like you didn’t expect a bunch of nerds to see that and run out to make macros and/or .gifs!