The Occupy Wall Street Eviction: What You Need To Know

For roughly two months, protestors have occupied New York City’s Zuccotti Park in protest of growing class disparity, attempts to strip unions of their rights, continued unemployment and lack of job creation and more.  The…

Join the “Say-Gay-A-Thon”

So, in the state of Tennessee, lawmakers are pushing to pass a law that would ban teachers from talking about homosexuality in schools.  The law is being called the “Don’t Say Gay” law and…

Angry Crazy Man Must Scream About Prop 8 Ruling

Dear Angry Crazy Yelling Man: I believe it is you who is wrongheaded in this situation.  In so, so many ways.  For one: something does not become a fact just because you’ve screamed it on…

Samuel L. Jackon’s thoughts on the debate last night

Really, SLJ should have been moderating that debate. Imagine: “Now, you motherfuckers are gonna sit down and shut the fuck up. Okay, I’m gonna ask you bitches one more time: what are you gonna do to the fix the motherfucking economy?” (Made by me. Spread it like a disease if you wish.)

Justin Timberlake Tells You What ELSE You Can Do in a Box

Doesn’t matter who you’re voting for, but make sure you’re registered to vote! Apathy went out with the 90’s, man.

John Cleese Compares Sarah Palin to a Parrot

(Political Blog.  My opinions.  I don’t like THAT hockey mom.  Deal.)

Yeah, so, John Cleese.  One of the funniest men in history.  From Monty Python, you know?

John Cleese…

John McCain Just Can’t Catch a Break…Musically

There’s a certain art to picking the correct song for your presidential campaign.

An art that John McCain just can’t quite grasp.

McCain was admonished this morning by rock gods The Foo Fighters

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