Jaret Reddick’s Horrifying Haunted House Experience

Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup told Buzznet a few of his finest Halloween memories. For instance, he had an awesome, costume-making mom back in the day. One day, his mom dropped him and a buddy off at a haunted house — fun and games turned gruesome pretty quick, though.

Buzznet: What is the stupidest couple costume?

Jaret: Where the guy is a cheerleader and the girl is a football player…

Buzznet: What do you think the most overrated costume will be for Halloween ‘08?

Jaret: The Joker Buzznet: What is your scariest Halloween memory?

Jaret: My friend and I were at a haunted house in the 6th grade — my mom dropped us off because it was sort of a carnival/ haunted house. Total Ghetto, I can’t believe she left us. Anyway, we went through the haunted house twice. The second time, just after we came out, an ambulance pulled up because a kid had gotten stabbed for REAL while going through the haunted house. It was a total GANG hit, but it was terrifying! The kid was dressed up with blood and bandages all over him for Halloween. It was strange to watch him get put in the ambulance and not know which bandages or which blood was real — it was scary sh*t!

Buzznet: What is the best costume you had as a kid?

Jaret: My mom was good about making me great costumes when I was small. I won the school costume contest as Raggedy Andy one year, but two years later I was a vampire and it was an amazing costume. She worked really hard on it. But the best had to be my senior year in High School — I was an officer in the marching band and I dressed up as Snow White and the rest of the officers were the 7 dwarfs. My mom made the costume and it was f*cking dead on! Just amazing. I looked good as a chick.

Buzznet: If you’re too old to trick-or-treat what do you recommend doing on Halloween?

Jaret: Taking your kids trick or treating, or just hanging out watching TV and drinking beer. Going out is way to much effort on Halloween and New Years Eve.

Buzznet: What will you be doing on Halloween this year?

Jaret: I will be trick or treating with my little ones and answering the door at the house. Our house is popular because I always have good candy.

Buzznet: Best movie to watch on Halloween?

Jaret: Trick or Treat — The ultimate HEAVY METAL horror flick — Music by FASTWAY!!!! whew!!

Buzznet: If this Halloween turns into a Zombie Apocalypse, how would you survive?

Jaret: Not sure, but I will be really drunk after the first zombie sighting.

Buzznet: Favorite candy?Jaret: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups