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EXCLUSIVE: Bowling For Soup Talk New Album, Advice And Tour!

We are so pumped to announce that Bowling For Soup is releasing a greatist hits album called Songs That People Actually Liked Vol. 1 (1994-2003)! This will be released in January so keep an…

Jaret Reddick’s Horrifying Haunted House Experience

Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup told Buzznet a few of his finest Halloween memories. For instance, he had an awesome, costume-making mom back in the day.

Music Stuff 4/10

Bowling for Soup are gonna cover Fergie’s “London Bridge” (Rocklouder)Cassadaga slammed by critics. Boo! (musicslut)Bad Religion new video glimpse. Lily Allen taking over TV. (themodernage)

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