Halloween Costumes!

Hello….I loveee to help.So I decied to make a journal of costumes….If you still havent picked out something then heres some suggestions….

How about you go as a cute/sexy pirate……thats what I was gonna go as…

This was my number 1 most consired but it was tied with a few others…

Red is such a sexy/romantic/look at me flavor….if you love colors….go with this…

I loveee the color red and this pirate costume would really make you stick out because it has so much flavor…its cute&sexy

I considered this one but it wasnt in my top….but its still cute and look at the shoes aint they fabulous ?!

This one almost made in my top…I thought it was cute and simple…

Now this….this definitely was in my top 5 and my top 3.It had soo much fabulosity and I thought it was just too cute !

Flavour ! Flavour !

Its traditional !

The entire costume of my very first costume!

The color black was always dark and astonishing to me!

Nude is aways a pretty hue….and this dress has pretty designs on it if you look close enought 🙂

I thought this was pretty fabulous,it had alot of personality!

Like the other….lots of personality and the possiblity to make you stick out in a crowd !

Its not traditional but its sexy kinda modern! And it was definitely in my top 5!

Pirate his and hers….I thought it was cute !

Was definitely in my top 5 and top 3.Pink isnt a color Im really crayz about buy this outfit.I fell in love with when I firts saw it.Its classy/girly and cute !

Now I thought this was very cute and sassy,te design the color !

This has so much cute/sassy/girly flavor!

*Not likin the Pirate look….want somethin different ? More edgy ? More bad ?….Then how about you go as a Ganster/Mobster….

Now this is sexy its bad and cutely designed.The shoes are sexy and itll really make you feel that your fineness has to be illegal 🙂

Bad…sexy….I can already hear the cops sirens headin this way….you better take of running because theyre coming to lock you up for being so sexy!

Now this is cute ! Its gantsterishly fabulous and its kinda simple and sexy at the same time!

Sexy thugish outfit that I thought was again edgy but not too much and has a gilthc of romanticness with the red lace!

Youll be a sexy,sophisticated Gangsta chick in this.And check out the shoes….too cute !

Youll be a pretty Boss Lady….” Who runs things around here ? ” You would if you decided to rock this ! And the shoes are hott !

Tell Vinny and his boys to back off.Theres a new Gangsta Chick in town !

Edgy,thugish,but still sexy!

One of my favorites ! First of all its ot ghetto gansta written all over it,secondly it has style and spicy flavor then its classy and sexy.All at the same time!

Whole body outfit….so gangsta !

Now this is what you call fabulous ! Its girly…flirty and gangsta ! And has a sexiness about it.The design is hott and so is the entire costume !

Cute and girly !

Flirty !

Chic,sexy,class Gangsta costume…fabulosity at its classiest!

*Not seeing yourself as a felon ? Hmmm….Then how about you go as something cute,very sexy,ethnic and fun…..a belly dancer …..

Belly dancing costumes have always been cute,unique and flashy….with thebeads and layer upon layers of fabric,with shiny,bright,multi-colrs its always stuck out.


Just gorgeous !

Flashy,sexy,cute! Will definitely get you noticed !

Pretty and affordable !

So flirty !

So Cute and innocent !

Cute if you and a friend or sister wants to dress the same but slightly different !

The color and style speaks for itself !

Pretty brown,elegant design !

Innocent pink…the outfit itself has a out-going look !

Flirty ! But most of all sexy ! Youll be the cneter of attention in this !

Thisll make you pop out,litterally.If anyone else come as a belly dancer theyll probably have on the tradionial costumes but in this youll be unique.The design alone well help everyone notice how hot you look !

Cute ! Affordable ! Stylish ! Simple !

Same summary !

Super sexy blue costume that well have you turning head all night !

*You dont like ” Arg,maties ! ” ….Youre not feeling the whole gansta look and being a belly dancer is just too sexy….wanna tone it down at bit ? Well then how about you go….as a Bee ( Bumble bee )….

Red again ! God Im adicted to that color! But really isnt this hott ?! Youd definitely x-out the compettiotn for best dressed !

In pretty yellow…the guys will be buzzing around you all night trying to get a taste of your honey !

Cute red juniors bee ! Cute design ! Cute style !

I love this bee costume ! Its one of my favoites,Its so damn cute ! So classy !

Just as cute but slightly more features and design !

Cute & fabulous all in one ! Its slightly different from the previous bee costumes !

Smokin Hot Bumble Bee !

Romantic Bee

Sexy !

* Alright …no,no,no and no…..gosh youre picky lol….Just kidding….you dont like any of em…..let me think…..hmmm…Ooh I got it! What about naughty schoolgirl.Its fun and sexy.But theres a big chance alotta chicks will be that because its one of the most popular costumes picked for women.

I like this one alot.Its not too out there but its still fabulous !

Youd get an A in Sexiness with thus costume !

Sexy pink ! Sexy style !

Even sexier pink and style !

With this youll have the boys drooling !

Be Cute,sweet,schoool girl in this !

Be a hot Japanese School girlin this !

Sassy School Girl

*Still want more…..no problem.I have plenty more …..

You cant decide huh ? I know how it feels.You just want what you want and will keep loking until you find it right ? Well check out these…..see if any of these excite you !

Sexy Bride

Badest Kitty Around !

Wanna play ? I dont bite…..iI just scratch !

His and Her doin it the old fashion way….” More tear my dear ? ” ….” Why certainly Arthur.”

Old fashion beauty !

Sexy Angel…..will have you on cloud 9 by midnight !

Enchanting Princess

Fallen Angel

Get Animated…..be a FINAL FANTASY hottie !

Fire Fairy

His and Her Football set……If you and your man are crazy about football then tackel the party with your hottness together !

Sexy Galactic Princess

Garden Nymph

You and your man in the military or army….wear this ! Show your love !

Be the Goddess Of Seduction this…..Tell em Zues aint got nothin on me! lol

Ooo La La

Wanna be a beautiful Ice Pixie….go with this !

Be the Most Wanted inmate in the counrty !

Institutionalized for being physchopathic for wanting you !

Be The Cutest Jail House Rockstar the pen has ever seen !

Mystical Fairy

Pin-Up Nurse….All of a sudded all the guys will be coming down with fevers!

Sorry boys my heart belongs to Robin Hood

Robbin In Da Hood

Be The Hottest Jail Bird To Be Locked Up!

Sexy Sheriff

Zorros Girl !

Slave Princess

Spatran Princess

Strip Search Sheriff…..” Sir I need you to remove all your clothes….I think I saw something I liked.”

Summer Garden Fairy

Tribal Princess

Private Investigator

Warrior Princess

Wicked Dark Fairy

Bon Jour !

Sexy Flight Attendant…..” Um sir we dont alone fineness on the plain…but I do allow it in my room ” lol…Im just havin some fun !