Madonna Goes Full Bettie Page Rockabilly On Oscar Night

Madonna is ever changing and evolving like a fine and muscly-armed wine, and Oscar night was no exception with these photos taken from the singer‘s

Ruby Jean Wilson by Mikael Wardhana for Karen Magazine #14

Ruby Jean Wilson by Mikael Wardhana for Karen Magazine #14

Rihanna & Chris Brown are back together….Abuse Is Not Okay

    In Feburary 2009 the entire world found out that R&B singer Chris Brown had beaten up his girlfriend Rihanna after an arguement.I have never respect him as a human being…

Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam

Pixar Animator Writes Inspirational Letter to Artists Everywhere

If you are anything like me then finding words of hope and encouragement in any medium is very welcome. When it’s your passion to be creative it can be a struggle to come…

Liquid Eyeliner Tutorial

Liquid Eyeliner tutorial by YouTuber “julieg713′.Check it out.

The Cone Of Shame – Torture Device or Cute Accessory?

The Cone of Shame. Vortex of Sadness. The synonyms are endless, but these are the only two that I can think of. If you don’t know what these are, first let me show you the…

What’s Your Bet For Best Picture?

I’m not at all a movie buff, but I’m interested in knowing what film you guys are rooting for in the BIG category–Best Picture. [cut=Let’s see what we’ve got…]

I’ve only seen…

“Up” Remixed by Pogo

My favorite movie of the year gets the DJ treatment. Cute! Did any of you get this movie as a Christmas present? You can become a fan of Disney/Pixar on Facebook by going here.

Halloween Costumes!

            Hello….I loveee to help.So I decied to make a journal of costumes….If you still havent picked out something then  heres some suggestions….



How about you go as a cute/sexy pirate……thats what I was gonna go…

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