Gerard Way Comes Up With Best Tie-In Video Game Idea EVER

Pretty much any video game fan knows there is one phrase that will ensure a game is likely going to be utter crap.

“Movie tie-in.”

Video games based on movies have a tradition of sucking pretty hardcore.  Since the game tie in for E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, many games have been released that ask the same question: did the developers even SEE the film?

Actually, the show Code Monkeys dealt with that question pretty well.

Okay, occasionally you’ll get a decent movie tie in (I kid you not, Lego Star Wars is amazing.  Game play is fairly simple and it appeals to geeks and nerds of all ages), and at one point a movie tie-in game was voted to be better than the movie it was based on.  I’m speaking of course of the video game tie-in for The Chronicles of Riddick, “Escape from Butcher Bay.”  Interestingly enough, a second Riddick game is in the works, while the next Riddick movie is supposedly still in a script writing phase.

I love it when man that cosplays as his own comic character.  And that fact deeply disturbs me.  You don’t even know.

However, in an interview with PJ Hruschak of Geek Monthly, Gerard Way has pretty much assured that there will not be a tie-in game when his comic book, The Umbrella Academy, comes to the big screen at some point in the future.

I can’t even see, I mean, what are you going to do in an Umbrella Academy video game? Like, do they just have coffee? That’s what I would want out of an Umbrella Academy video game…Yeah, they just have coffee and eventually they get around to fighting some trash cans and then shooting their sister in the head and that’s your video game.

Though, Gerard does comment on what an Umbrella Academy game would look like in his ideal world.

Well if it’s gonna be a great game and, like I said, if there’s scenes of them drinking coffee, I could get into something like that. I love what those Aqua Teen guys did. I didn’t play the game but just the idea of the game seems amazing to me. It’s like an anti-game, basically. It wasn’t even a game, right? You just play golf and then kill zombies. It’s weird.

I hope I am not alone in saying that a video game where you drink coffee and then kill zombies would be fucking amazing.  Though a little too close to what I do in real life.

The second installment of The Umbrella Academy releases November 26th, but a special three page preview is available online!  Plus, the limited special edition of The Apocalypse Suite will be available on October 22nd, with plenty of extra goodies!  And be sure to check out the rest of Gerard’s interview (including his thoughts on the upcoming Watchmen film that My Chemical Romance is recording a song for!) in an upcoming issue of Geek Monthly!