Katy Perry: Your Next WWE Women’s Champion?

Well, mostly I’m trying to stay on topic after Friday’s reveal that Fall Out Boy is channeling the WWF/E (for those of you unaware: copyright law forced the World Wrestling Federation to change their name to World Wrestling Entertainment several years ago) for their upcoming music video for I Don’t Care. But it’s also topical, since apparently kissing girls isn’t the only thing Katy Perry likes to do when drunk.

Pictures have surfaced from last month’s Warped Tour featuring Katy face down in the hay during a drunken fight with her Warped Tour Merchandising Girl.

And, in true scripted Pro Wrestling format, the fight was eventually broken up when Travis “Big Deal” McCoy stepped in and carried Katy out of the fight.
And hey, I don’t blame her for getting into a fight. She was already dressed like she was headed to a Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Reunion. And we know she gets confused when she drinks.
I KID! I KID! Katy Perry’s about as much of an actual pro-wrestler as she is an actual bisexual!