Jack’s Mannequin Premieres ‘The Resolution’ Video

It’s like Christmas Eve for Jack’s MannequinThe Glass Passenger comes out tomorrow, but on the eve of that excitement comes the release of the video for “The Resolution.”

There has been a ton of buzz about this vid ’round these parts, and not just because we all have a soft spot for Andrew McMahon. The video was directed in part by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer — who has her fair share of fans and detractors here on Buzznet. Her ocean-stalking-Andrew concept struck a chord with anti-Twilighters who think that Meyer promotes unhealthy relationships in her novels.

The video itself is pretty subtle, though. Picturesque, even. Although the mermaid shots are a little odd, I thought — with her fins up like that, how can you even tell it’s a mermaid? Maybe it’s just a petite whale? Aren’t mermaids supposed to sit on rocks and play harps or sing? Just sayin’. Her luring tactics could use some polishing.

What do you guys think?

ps. Here are some cool shots of Jack’s Mannequin from Friday’s show