the glass passenger

Jack’s Mannequin Releases Unofficial “Swim” Video

Those knowledgeable types over in the Absolutepunk thread declare this montage as simply a hold-over until the official music video is released, but I think it’s still worth watching. Oh, I know, I could…

Jack’s Mannequin Premieres ‘The Resolution’ Video

It’s like Christmas Eve for Jack’s MannequinThe Glass Passenger comes out tomorrow, but on the eve of that excitement comes the release of the video for “The Resolution.”

Winners: Jack’s Mannequin Skin Contest

High fives all around to the contributors in the Jack’s Mannequin Homepage Takeover contest — there we’re many fab designs submitted! The winners have been chosen, and they are [cut=behind this cut…]


Stephanie Meyer’s Vision for Jack’s Mannequin: Ocean Stalking Andrew?

Jack’s Mannequin and ‘Twilight’ author Stephanie Meyer met up in Malibu, California this week to shoot the music video for ‘The Resolution.’ [cut=This is how it went down…]

As Meyer’s directorial debut,

Miss California & Musical Darwinism: An Interview with Andrew McMahon of Jack’s Mannequin

A few days before his enthralling performance at The Pacific Amphitheatre in O.C., Buzznet got some time to chat with Andrew McMahon about his upcoming (no more pushing the release date, plz and…

Jack’s Mannequin Release ‘The Ghost Overground’ Track List

Remember how we brought the splendid news that Jack’s Mannequin would be releasing “The Ghost Overground” EP next week? (This is supposed to tide you over until you can finally have the much-anticipated “Glass

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