Warped Tour 8/9/08: Spandex-tacular things

So yesterday I re-joined Warped Tour at The Gorge Amphitheatre. I woke at 5am to catch a 7:30 flight to Seattle, then rannnn across the airport to catch my connecting flight on this itty bitty plane. Upon taking my seat, a little blonde boy with long lashes leaned over and shouts, “So what’s your name?” I said Bree. He goes, “HiBreemynameisTylerandI’mfouryearsold!” Super cute. So then I land in Wenatchee Valley (which smells really good, by the way and call a cab to take me to the Gorge. The drive was really pretty. There were orchards everywhere… Bosc Pears, Gala Apples, Lima Beans… fields and fields of it. It was making me really hungry.

So I get to Warped and get myself situated on my bus again, the venture out to find people and announce my return. Ok, actually I went to catering first and it was so windy my freakin LEMON BAR BLEW AWAY. Sad. I took some pics of We The Kings (they didn’t turn out very good, though), The Academy Is…, shotgunned a beer with The Audition, listened to Lazer’s traumatizing van crash experience, watched Motion City Soundtrack and Cobra Starship from onstage where a bunch of other bands were there to support.

Oh, by the way, are Vicky T and Ziggy (TAI merch dude) an item? They looked all cutesy and cozy a few times yesterday.

Also, I helped Metal make his transition from regular merch dude to spandex-tacular dancing machine for his appearance during Cobra’s performance of “Bring It”… I was unaware that he was going to strip down even FURTHER into a Borat-like mankini thing. No, really. Everyone at the Gorge watching Cobra yesterday got to see a lot of Metal.

I wonder if I was supposed to keep his identity secret? Hmm.

Alright, I have been summoned to go out among the masses and try to take some NONSUCKY pictures. I leave you with this video.