MTV Movie Awards Roundup: Buzznet Spoof Winner, Fashion Failures

The stars came out Sunday to mingle with the ashes of the Hollywood fire – wait. What I meant to say was that there is muchto celebrate about what went down at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, most notably that Norm Spantz and his brilliant “Juno: Teen Pregnancy Redux” clip won the MTV Movie Awards Spoof Contest by a landslide! Did you hear that? One of our own! Watch the video of him receiving it here. *Squeeeee*

“Thanks to MTV and Buzznet for this amazing opportunity both for myself and the other talented contestants,” Spantz said in a statement. “It was very hard to spoof a movie written by a stripper from Minnesota about a girl who has sex with a member of the high school cross country team, but we were fortunate to pull it off.”
[click image to peep the gallery]

And lastly, b—-es just can’t stop screaming for Johnny Depp: