I Want To Be The One With The Most Cake

October and November are majour birthday months… my little cousins birthday is today, my brother turns 18 tomorrow, and in just a few weeks I’ll be turning 16. I’ve been looking for some birthday cake inspiration, so I decided to collect photos and put it in a gallery! My all time favourite cake I’ve ever… More »

Latest ‘DREDD’ Movie Has Slo-Mo And 3D (VIDEO)

The combination of 3D, slow motion and an irradiated, futuristic America makes for great visuals in this installment of the DREDD series. Karl Urban stars as Dredd, a “judge” charged with keeping order in…

Flashback Friday: 10 Baby-On-The-Way Movies

Babies are some of the most adorable creatures in the world! It’s kind of amazing to think how a baby grows from being this small, young thing to a full-grown person…

Are You Watching “My Life As Liz”?

MTV premiered a new NON-reality show (gasp!) on January 18th, called My Life as Liz. The various voices of internet opinion are crying out that it’s a direct Juno rip-off minus the pregnancy. [cut=Let’s discuss…]


Top FanGirl Moments of 2008

Bree McGuire (Buzznet network project manager, breesays) might have her own fans, but she still has her own fangirl moments. Trust.

Gerard Way Talks About ‘Umbrella Academy’ Movie Wishlist

The Way Brothers have been getting a lot of press lately—both for their foray into the comic world and for bits and pieces on the progress of the next My Chemical…

MTV Movie Awards Roundup: Buzznet Spoof Winner, Fashion Failures

Sunday, June 1, the stars came out to mingle with the ashes of the Hollywood fire–wait. What I meant to say was that there is much to celebrate about what went down…

Reason #34 why I love Diablo Cody

“Certain people have opined that I “try too hard” as a writer, and they’re right. As Paulie Bleeker once admitted, I try really hard. Beats the f–k out of not trying…

OSCARS: Gifting Suites are Like Trick or Treating for Celebrities

This past Friday, Lisa from A Socialite’s Life and I made a quick stop at one of the gifting suites happening…

Juno boots Alicia Keys


More proof than Juno is made of win: The official movie soundtrack bumped Alicia Keys for the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 this week!


Diablo Cody on Letterman

The Moldy Peaches perform on the view

The Moldy Peaches perform “Anyone else but you” from the Juno Soundtrack

Breesays Vlog: Diablo Cody, lip rings, and things that are new

Diablo Cody @ Book Soup todayyyy

I’m gonna go to Diablo Cody‘s signing at Book Soup today!

Kevin Wade is gonna come with me to make sure I don’t…

‘Juno’ music!

There was a phase in my life when I was OBSESSED with the idea of becoming a music supervisor. A music supervisor, for those of you who don’t know, basically chooses…

Ellen Page in PaperMag

Interview link.

The brainz behind ‘Juno’

Diablo Cody is a blogger. A blogger who was asked, “Have you ever thought of writing a screenplay?” She hadn’t at the time. But she went for it. And…

Juno review!

I didn’t know much about ‘Juno’ before I was told I’d be covering it, but ‘they’ said it’d be PERFECT for me.

OMG THEY WERE RIGHT. It is now, without a doubt,…

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