Hayley Williams Defends Miley Cyrus: Buzznet Community Roundup

On Tuesday we posted Hayley Williams‘ statement defending Miley Cyrus‘ “photogate.” A bunch of you got really riled up.

  • Orihime felt that [photographer] Annie Leibovitz was largely responsible.
  • In response to that, xblanksfiction said: “I seriously doubt that. I mean, I just can’t imagine Annie Leibovitz waking up each morning, eating a bowl of nails with milk, thinking to herself as she grinds her teeth ‘How am I going to ruin Miley Cyrus’ life today? How will I implement my master plan?’ “
  • Bulletproofheeb made us LOL by commenting: “That picture of Hayley Williams [above] … I can see she’s wearing a strapless dress, but if you cropped it, she could be nude! Completely nude! On film! What kind of an example is she setting in that picture by being naked under the clothing she’s wearing!?”
  • Angelcrossmarie puts the responsibilty on the parents: “My 7-year-old niece Hannah (ooh, that was unintentional …) has taken more ‘provocative’ shots at Glamour Shots then Miley Cyrus’ picture in Vanity Fair … it’s so infuriating, these parents are only mad because they let their TV babysit their daughter, and now they are suffering the consequences.”
  • Sunkist1020 thinks it’s on Miley: “It is different, because she’s a celebrity. It doesn’t mean it’s right for anyone else to do it but she could be the celebrity who will teach the next generation to NOT take pictures of themselves like that. She knows that I bet you and there’s a good chance she won’t do this again which is respectable.”

Now, I know this qualifies as not letting it “blow over,” but it’s not that often we get such strongly worded arguments representing several different perspectives. (Well, thats a lie, there is QOTD, but I can’t get wrapped up in that.)

Do you think Hayley has any extra cred in this argument because SHE is often seen as a role model?