Panic at the Disco preview ‘Mad as Rabbits’

Panic at the Disco posted a little preview of a new song, “Mad as Rabbits,” to help entice fans into pre-ordering their new album, Pretty. Odd. The preview doubles up as an advert for the iTunes-exclusive deluxe edition of the March 25 release.

Would you think me a Panic-fan brown-noser if I told you I’m in love with Ryan Ross‘ voice? There are b-sides afloat in this vast ocean we call the internet, one of which is called “Behind the Sea” and is sung entirely by RyRo. It’s cuter than a baby sea otter cuddling a kitten.

I hereby declare that I would like to hear more Ryan from now on. Can I get a witness?

STOKED that they’ll be playing some of these new songs on the Honda Civic Tour!