Top 10 Shows – lasting only 1 season

With new TV shows premiering, we’re all rushing to guess which ones will still be around at this time next year. Sometimes shows get canceled for being crap, other times they get canceled unfairly. So here you are, my list of the Top 10 Shows to only run for one season.

Note: these are strictly my opinion. Yours may vary. For another list, please see bulletproofheeb‘s post on the same topic, pulling from the same pool of potential shows.

10. Drive A much hyped series starring Nathan Fillion as a man trying to win his wife’s freedom via an illegal cross country road race. Other competitors included a single mother racing for her infant son, an ex-con racing alongside his half brother, a father/daughter team who are very good at keeping secrets from each other and a threesome of Hurricane Katrina survivors. This series asked a lot of questions. And now we’ll never know the answers.9. Standoff Recently canceled by Fox, this show starred Ron “Office Space” Livingston as a negotiator in a relationship with his partner. It was like Moonlighting with a SWAT team. Sadly, looks like this is not going to return for another season. And might I ask WHY DOES TELEVISION HATE GINA TORRES?8. The Oblongs An animated series starring Will Ferrel as the limbless father of a family of loving mutants. Included popular but stupid girls getting run through wheat threshers, squirrels living in back fat and midget tossing.7. The Crow: Stairway to Heaven Spun off from the first Crow movie, the show featured Eric Draven attempting to reunite with his lost love. Because of Draven’s career as a musician, the show featured a number of bands. Sadly, a soundtrack was never officially released.6. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. A western/sci fi series starring the King of Zombie fighters Bruce Campbell. Had this series happened roughly ten years later I believe it would have survived to this day.5. Freaks and Geeks Like My So Called Life this dealt with teenagers in real life situations, but was set in the early 1980’s. Both hysterical and painful at times, much like life itself. And the soundtrack was pretty fucking sweet, too.4. Clerks: The Animated Series Not only did Kevin Smith reunite the cast of his hit film “Clerks” to perform voices in this series, they also recruited Alec Baldwin and Charles Barkley to participate. The show was self referential, irreverent, and pretty much everything else you’d expect from a Kevin Smith project. Bonus: a cut scene from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back shows Randal taunting Dante with “See, this is why our tv series got canceled.”3. Clone High USA A series aired on MTV about teenage clones of famous historical figures as they try to survive high school. Mostly the show focused on Abe Lincoln (a scrawny geek trying to break into the cool crowd), Joan of Arc (an artsy goth girl with a huge crush on Abe), Ghandi (a party animal), Cleopatra (the most popular girl in school) and John F. Kennedy (the consummate asshole jock). Featured guest appearances by Marylin Manson (as a singing nutritionalist) and Tom Green (who delivered a very special message about ADD) among others.2. Firefly Joss Whedon’s first non-Buffyverse project was about cowboys in space. Well written, complex, and now a cult hit, it’s just sad Fox didn’t realize the potential it had and pulled the plug after airing only a handful of episodes.1. My So-Called Life The definitive 90’s show, it’s hard to remember that it only ran for a single season. Dealt with a number of sensitive issues, most of which are still sensitive today, and tried to portray them in a realistic way. Things weren’t all better in the end.

For another take on this, check out bulletproofheeb’s top 10 list.

(The masterlist we came up with and ranked from:

My So-Called LifeFireflyFreaks and GeeksClone High USAClerks TASNowhere ManNow and AgainAmerican GothicBrisco County, Jr.Mission HillThe PrisonerStudio 60 On the Sunset StripBrimstoneBirds of PreyLone GunmenJohn DoeGod, The Devil and BobDark SkiesStandoffFastlaneSam and MaxThe OblongsThe Crow: Stairway to Heaven)