The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Summer Music Festival

Let’s state the obvious: There’s an overwhelming amount of music festivals going on this summer. Sure, you’ve heard about the hype of Coachella among others but believe it or not, there is a festival out there with your name on it! If you’re having a difficult time deciding which festival to hit this summer, rest… More »

“Firefly” Theme/Opening Credits

I’m just going to put this here. Don’t mind me.


In response to bulletproofheeb’s post, I took a quiz.  It only hurt a little.

Top 10 Shows – lasting only 1 season

With new TV shows premiering, we’re all rushing to guess which ones will still be around at this time next year.  Sometimes shows get canceled for being crap, other times they get canceled unfairly.  So…

Best Action Movie Ever!

I would pay to see this movie over and over and over again. And I’d buy every edition of the DVD ever released. Originally from //, a webcomic that will own your soul.

I spent a weekend in space…

(can apparently still post from work.  Whoo-hoo!)…well, not technically.  But we decided a Firefly marathon would be a good way to spend an otherwise horrible weekend.  By “we” I mean me and my housemates.  We…

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