Bringing DashboardBack

For as many times as I have sneered at the label “emo” (because its soooo overused) Dashboard Confessional definitely fits the criteria. And I’ve always adored him. Anyway, I recently put up this video of him playing his new single, “Thick as Theives” live, but oh, how it has grown on me in those days since:

(clicky clicky)
The Shade of Poison Trees comes out October 2nd, and I’m stoked for it. I bet it’ll have a plethora of potential passive-aggressive AIM away messages (ex. “Listen to yourself / there is a hemorrhage in your mouth“)
Favorite Dashboard Confessional album?
Emo crooner Chris Carrabba is releasing his fifth full length on October 2, 2007. It promises a return to his early style, “earnest acoustic laments and smart, poetic lyrics.” Ahh, that makes my cold little heart skip a beat. Anyway, before this grand “return” I wanna know what your fav Dashboard album has been so far…
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