Top 5!

On Monday, DJ Rossstar asked all y’all what your Top 5 Albums were. That is, cds you listen to in their ENTIRETY (no song skipping whatsoever) all the time since the very day you bought it. I commented my answers, but I wanted to put them here for my own record. Plus there’s a second part to this I wanted to ask you guys…

My Five:

1. s/t – New Found Glory
2. Lockjaw – Dance Hall Crashers
3. s/t (Bleed American) – Jimmy Eat World
4. Return of Saturn OR Everything in Time – No Doubt
5. Give Up – The Postal Service

There are a couple other albums I’d pick because I DO like them from start to finish, but all the memories they sort of drag along with them throw me off. Know what I mean? I adore listening to these albums, but I can’t really do it without slipping into “Deep, nostalgic thoughts” mode, just because they represent such specific events/phases of my life. Do you have albums that make you feel like that?

Anyway, mine are: 1. Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard 2. Deja Entendu – Brand New 3. Leaving Through a Window – SoCo 4. Something to Write Home About – Get Up Kids 5. s/t – Good Charlotte (oh, stfu)