Thursday Buzz 5/17

How are they deciding that Paris is getting a shorter sentence for good behavior, before she’s even gone to jail?! (IBBB)

The Olsen Twins are going to be Bond girls! Well that should be interesting. (Holy Candy)

Dear George O’Malley: What happened to your hairrrrrsssss?! (seriouslyomg)

Speaking of which, Greys Anatomy SEASON FINALE is tonight. Read last week’s recaplet to prepare. (tvwithoutpity)

An ode to Vans Slip Ons. Which look lame on me, btw. (WWWdaily)

Vintage Jessica Biel & Scarlett Jo. I am so over spelling her last name, I always get it wrong. (Allie is Wired)

R. Kelly = Martin Luther King? R. Kelly = Bob Marley? He thinks so. (POTP)

Teen Vogue Intern Search. If Lauren Conrad could do it… (Gawker)