We Finally Did It…..Beat The Scene One’s

I think this the first time I have seen four of us not considered part of the Pink Haired or Scene People on Buzznet to get the Most Buzzed Photos. And this my first time to make the most buzzed list and all it took was a Lazy Fat Squirrel to do it ~

Tuesday Buzz 10/23

Who are these Britney fans? (Besides me, obv)

Getting the most out of your fashion mags (Galadarling)

IBBB recaps The Hills.

And Spencer Pratt thinks he’s a firefighter. (POTP)

Spice Girls lullaby (Evil Beet)


Friday Buzz 10/12

The Hills is faaaaake. (IBBB)
ps. IBBB interviewed Elodie!

Oh hey McDreamy, how you been? (PopBytes)

Britney. Underwears. Plz. (Evil Beet)

The 6 most terrifying foods in the world. (Cracked)

Get to know ‘Gossip’ guy…

Monday Buzzed 9/24

Lil Mama vs. Pat Benetar: Lip gloss is a battlefield. (PopBytes)

Oh look, another person to sell Britney out. (POTP)

Poshycat Doll? (Snagwire)

Miley Cyrus needs a mirror, aw. (Holy Candy)

Galadarling’s Winter Essentials…

Friday Buzz 8/31

Some dirt on Heroes: Season 2! (usa today)

Hayden Panetierre makes her mama cry. (Allieiswired)

Is it just me, or is Milo totally checking her out in the…

Wednesday Buzz 8/22

Aguilera baby bump appears. (Evil Beet)

Skull art! (picked up from pop candy)

Lauren Conrad’s Salary For “The Hills”!!! (POTP)

Shiloh is soooo cute! (PopBytes)

Arm wrestling…

Monday Buzz 8/20

Sporty Spice is layin’ down the law. (seriouslyomg)

Adam Levine a$$holeness. (POTP)

Lindsay wants to revive her music career. I kinda forgot she had one. (Evil Beet)

He said, she said with celeb babies….

Friday Buzz 8/10

OMG, 130 cats is far too many. Ew. (Pop Bytes)

She finally said yes yes yes to rehab. (Evil Beet)

This celeb takes neat freak to the next…

Tuesday Buzz 8/7

Lily Allen banned from working in the US. (POTP)

If it werent for favorable editing, we would hate Lauren Conrad? No, I don’t buy it. (Allieiswired)

Community OK with…

Monday Buzz 8/6

Winning Project Runway gets you… nowhere? (POTP)

Mena Suvari where did your hairs go?! (IBBB)

Lindsay Lohan’s Elle Mag feature. Somewhere, she is inserting her foot in her…

Thursday Buzz 8/2

Shanna Moakler, role model? Well, sort of. (POTP)

Elton John hates on bloggers. Shut down the internet, psh. (IBBB)

Jessica Simpson’s “Blonde Ambition” might go straight to DVD….

Wednesday Buzz 8/1

This Britney rumor can’t be true… can it? (IBBB)

Mary Kate Olsen + Owen Wilson? Oh no no no. (POTP)

Nicole Richie confirms shes 4 months pregnant. (Evil…

Tuesday Buzz 7/31

Celebrity Report Card: Presented by IBBB.

Fergie thinks misery makes better music. I kind of agree. (IntoGossip)

9 things you didn’t know about Zac Efron? (Allie is Wired)


Monday Buzz 7/30

Blondie got black sheep injections to stay, um, forever young? (Daily Mail)

Shia LaBeouf’s squeaky clean past. (Dlisted)

Britney Spears music video photos. Honey, this a long way…

TGI Fridayyyy Buzz 7/27

Famous, intoxicated and… racist? Lindsay Lohan hops right on that bandwagon. (IBBB)

Dakota Fanning had a growth spurt! (INO)

Um, Aquafina is tapwater. I feel so… betrayed. (The…

Thursday Buzz 7/26

Nicole Richie will set the record straight— next week. (POTP)

Lindsay Lohan
‘s Beckham bet. I wouldn’t put money on it. (IntoGossip)

<span style="font-weight:…

Wednesday Buzz 7/25

IBBB’s open
letter to Promises
. Hahah.

Jessica Alba is
. Any takers? (INO)

Johnny Knoxville pranked
Luke Wilson
! Too bad I didn’t get his…

Tuesday Buzz 7/24

Don’t lend Britney your nice clothes. Girl will destroy your goods. (POTP)

Julia Stiles, bringing The Bell Jar to life. (MTV Movies Blog)

Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt are no longer BFFs….

Monday Buzz 7/23

Oh Britney, why such language? Do you kiss your mother with that– oh wait, you have a restraining order against Mama Spears. (Yeeeah)

Soccer bores Suri Cruise. (The Dirty Disher)

Lauren Conrad broke Brody…

Friday Buzz 7/20

What kind of video is Britney making in THIS outfit? (The Dirty Disher)

Heidi Montag will be sampling Depeche Mode in her first song. (POTP)

Morrissey disses Madonna….

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