Music To Get You High: I-Doser

This biz blog called Mind Petals recently posted about a company that claims their music can get you high. Literally. Not on like, LIFE (not “wooo hah, I sure do like this song!”) No, high like Lindsay Lohan in the bathroom of Hyde. Coke, Pot, Acid (hey didn’t people stop doing that sh*t like, 20 years ago?) and Peyote. There’s also sleep, sedative and anti-anxiety, according to this blog.

Bad news if you’ve had a drug-free life and are looking for a taste, because I think this statement is pretty on target: “I believe that, theoretically, music can stimulate the sensation of being on drugs. However, there must already be a neural net, a preexisting connection somewhere in the brain (perhaps, of a previous drug experience while listening to that exact music), in order for such a firing of neurons to be triggered; hence, creating the drug experience without taking the actual drug.”

All around, blogs are calling bullsh*t. Regardless, it’s still amazing to me that this product, however fake, even exists. And that people are buying it.

You should send that link to your friends. Not the quick ones, not the skeptics– the ones that fill their red solo cups with water at house parties, pretend it’s vodka and then spend the rest of the night falling all over guys going “oh my gah im suuuuuhhhhh waaaaaysted.

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