Thank Goodness it’s FRIDAY Buzz 5/18

Beth Ditto to pose for Vogue. (The Dirty Disher)

Joel dumped Nicole for being “too clingy”? (intoGossip)

Important lessons we’ve learned from the past week of entertainment news. (Holy Candy)

Best Buy’s Geek Squad goes PEEK SQUAD. (lexidiem on buzznet)

As Galadarling says, “This house is cool to look at but I imagine it is owned by someone terrifying.”

Don’t forget the Sci Fi Channel starts airing a Heroes marathon Saturday at 9 a.m. ET.(thanks Pop Candy!)

A wedding cake for meat-lovers. Ew ew ew. (mentalfloss)

This CBS Kid Nation shows sounds, oh, I don’t know, kind of wrong? (BWE)