Celebs And Their Pups

If there is one thing that we have in common with Celebs it is our obession with dogs. Dogs are born to love you whether…
AlexBenz 13 hrs ago

Dream Destination: Villa Kadiri

Moon Babies, Welcome to the utopia that is Villa Kadiri 3 This fantastical Moroccan palace - created by the owners Jaouad Kadiri and Priti Paul…
Kerli 14 hrs ago

Miles Chamley-Watson Shares His Fitness Tips!

Fitness and health are two very important factors that go into living a happy lifestyle. I have to be on top of my fitness game…
Miles Chamley-Watson
Miles Chamley-Watson Jul 29, 2014

Brian Logan Dales Explains His Relationship With Taco Bell

Sorry ladies...I am taken. Taco Bell has my heart and we are offically in a serious relationship. What do you think of our love story?
brianlogandales Jul 29, 2014

All That Leather || The Bleached Niche

My first post on THE BLEACHED NICHE is live! Alysha and I are super stoked about our new bloggy! Check it out and follow us…
Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan 16 hrs ago

Daily Reminder: Look Up!

If there’s one thing you never get to experience in your life, let it be the tragic art of losing your sense of wonder. Never…

'Hunger Games: Mocking Jay' Trailer Released!

For all of you anxiously awaiting the release of The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1, you're about to be treated to the new trailer…
AmehKristine Jul 28, 2014

IG Recap: Red Carpets & Hot Dates

This past week was so fun! We all went to the APMAs and got to see so many of our Warped friends dressed up and…
jeffreestar Jul 28, 2014

The Many Faces Of: Bella Thorne

I know you all love to smile and of course love looking at your favorite musicians, celebs and band members right? Well, why not do…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 28, 2014

Keltie Hangs With 5 Seconds Of Summer!

This weekend I got to hang with 5 Seconds Of Summer at the Forum while they sold tickets for their upcoming show! It was CRAZY…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight Jul 28, 2014

Some Of My Favorite Films

I am a HUGE movie buff.. so I decided to share some of my favorite films with you.. enjoy! xx HB
hannabeth Jul 28, 2014

Poll: Hollywood's Hottest "It" Girl of 2014

Each of these stars have become mega "It" girls in their own right! We want to know which one you think takes the crown!

Hunk Alert: Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Debuts!

It's FINALLY here! Whoo! Expected to hit theaters with a R-rating, you could only begin to guess how steamy the trailer is for Fifty Shades of Grey!…

Jeffree Star Wants To Give YOU Free Clothes!

Hey Buzznet,  I want to give YOU the chance to win some Beauty Forever merch ;) How To Enter:  Follow @BUZZNET on Instagram Post your best "Jeffree Selfie" on…
jeffreestar Jul 22, 2014

Jamie Dornan: Scruff Or No Scruff?

Ever since being cast as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan's name has become well known. He has been in the industry…
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott Jul 25, 2014