The 5 Most Defining Scenes Of The Hills

It’s crazy to think that MTV’s The Hills happened over a decade ago! From crazy club fights to boy problems to everything in between, there was no shortage of juicy drama on MTV’s hottest reality show.

We rounded up 5 of The Hills‘ most defining scenes for you to relive. Do you miss it at much as we do?!

1. ‘Forgive and Forget’

Lauren just wants to forgive Heidi, but she can’t forget!

2. ‘Lauren Chooses Love’

After debating whether to go to Paris for the summer for Teen Vogue, Lauren chooses to stay in LA and be with Jason. We all know how that turned out!

3. ‘You Were My Best Friend’

Heidi crashes Lauren’s birthday party. Then come the tears.

4. ‘Homeboy Wore Combat Boots To The Beach’

Okay so maybe this one isn’t considered to be a “defining moment” but you can’t deny how quote worthy Lauren’s comments about Justin Bobby’s footwear was!

5. ‘Whitney Heads To The City’

Lauren and Whitney have a bittersweet goodbye, thus leading her into her own series, The City.