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Take A Look At Actors And The Real-Life People They Portrayed On The Big Screen!

Being a big-time actor or actress is a dream come true for many individuals. Once you make it to that mountaintop, you start taking on characters that you might not necessarily be prepared for, but it’s what you signed up to do. One of the most demanding roles that any star can do is a… More »

Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Makes Billboard 200 History

It’s no surprise that mega pop star Taylor Swift is breaking records with her latest album “Lover”. She is now tied with Beyoncé for a major Billboard 200 record. Swift is now tied with Beyoncé for the most number 1 album debuts in a row for women. She’s managed to have all six of her… More »

Kristen Stewart Weighs In On Ex Robert Pattinson Playing ‘Batman’

It’s been six years since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke off their three-year relationship for good. The couple originally shot to stardom after playing vampire couple Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the movie series Twilight. Since then, they’ve both gone on to act in many major films and it turns out there are… More »

A Timeline Of Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul’s Relationship Because We Still Can’t Believe It Either

If you’ve been even remotely on the internet the past few months you know that YouTube’s problem children and Shane Dawson School Of Hard Knocks graduates Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul got married. They squeezed the ceremony in on July 28th after just two months of dating. It wasn’t your typical ceremony. An MTV camera… More »

Kim Kardashian West Tests Positive For Lupus

It was an emotional premiere of season 17 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, especially for Kim Kardashian West. The 38-year-old reality star revealed she had been suffering some worrying symptoms and had to seek professional help from her doctor. Kardashian West thought her symptoms might mean she had rheumatoid arthritis. “I’ve been feeling so… More »

Camila Cabello Finally Opens Up About Her Relationship With Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been sparking romance rumors for a while and have stayed very hush-hush about it all – until now. Cabello has recently opened up about her love for her Senorita singing partner to ELLE for their Women in Music issue. Despite saying that she “never wants to open the door… More »

These Celebrity Weddings Had Their Fair Share Of Mishaps

Stars! They’re just like us! Even if their weddings might have million-dollar budgets and be in lavish locations with A-list celebrities filling the pews, there’s still always a chance things will go wrong. From royal weddings to reality TV royalty, celebrities are not exempt from wedding mishaps. Two celebrities on this list actually managed to… More »

Why Rob Dyrdek Stepped Out of The Spotlight

Rob Dyrdek truly is a jack-of-all-trades. At the age of 16, he dropped out of high school and moved to Southern California, chasing his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. Once he achieved that goal, it seems he still wasn’t satisfied and wanted more out of life. After starting his own skateboard company, Orion Trucks,… More »

Maid Of Honor Was Told She Could Wear “Anything,” So She Wore A T-Rex Suit

Be careful what you tell your maid of honor. Every couple wants their wedding to run smoothly. The bridal party–especially the maid of honor and best man–prevent things from going wrong. And who is more trustworthy than the bride’s own sister? One Nebraska bride, Deanna Adams, asked her sister, Christina Meador, to be her maid… More »

Avoid Awkwardness With This Wedding Etiquette Guide

Weddings are a time to celebrate love and family. And while people enjoy partying, weddings come with their own etiquette rules surrounding the parties, invitations, phone rules, and wardrobe selection. Unless you’re a huge wedding fan or wedding planner, you’re probably wondering about the unspoken rules of this event. Whether you’re a guest or a… More »

These Celebrities Are Related To Famous Historical Figures

Some people were just born to be stars. Fame is in the blood of these celebrities whose lineage traces back to famous figures from history that we’ve all heard of at some point. So next time you’re beating yourself up about your Facebook post not getting a lot of likes, remember that being in the… More »

Do You Want The New Fashion Trend, Big Toe Shoes? They’re $1,000

The new fashion trend is a “big toe shoe,” in which only the big toe sticks out. Yes, big toe shoes are the new big thing in fashion. The style, created by the Parisian fashion label Y Project, costs around £790. That’s almost $1,000 for heeled shoes that don’t cover the big toe. Despite receiving… More »

These Actresses Went The Extra Mile When Training For Their Film Roles

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to take on the duties of being a top actress? How does two and half hours of boxing, and two hours of weight lifting every day for six days a week sound? That’s only light work compared to what some actresses had to put themselves through for… More »

Hotels That Are Doing The Absolute Most To Keep Us Coming Back

Everyone loves to feel special when they stay in a hotel. As much as we love to get away from our own lives and stay somewhere else, there are some hotels that go above and beyond for their customers. Have you ever wanted to stay at a hotel that will build you your very own… More »

Web-Slinging Facts About Spider-Man’s Amazing Theatrical Adventures

Originally created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for Marvel Comics in 1962, Spider-Man was never going to stay confined to paper pages. In 2002, the web-slinger made his American theatrical debut thanks to director Sam Raimi. The film re-defined what it meant to be a Summer blockbuster and helped kick off the superhero craze… More »

Genius Restaurant Menus That Are Way Ahead Of Their Time

Nobody goes to a restaurant for just the food anymore — you go for a complete experience. That includes some nice decor, a smiling friendly waiter, and having the word “bottomless” tacked onto every drink you order. The menu is just a small part of that whole song and dance. These menus are proof that… More »

Four Teens Investigate After They See A Girl In Trouble

Most people like to believe that they would do the right and courageous thing if they were to see someone else in trouble. Although everyone likes to think of themselves as a hero, you never know how you might act unless you’re actually placed in that situation. Well, that’s exactly what happened to four Canadian… More »

VMAs Highlight Reel: Everything You Missed At The 2019 VMAs

You probably already know that the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards happened on August 26th. If you were too lazy to watch the show or you just want the highlights so you can make small talk in the break room, we’ve got you covered. From wardrobe malfunctions to political statements to messages of self-love, the… More »

Incredible Photos Of The Wonder And Weirdness That Is Burning Man

Since its conception in 1986 on a vacant beach in San Fransisco where a few friends gathered to celebrate the summer solstice, Burning Man has grown into an event of mythical proportions. The actual burning man has grown too — from 8 feet to 105 feet in 2015. The people, the music, the art, the… More »

Ryan Reynolds Masterfully Trolls Blake Lively On Her Birthday

For years, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have poked fun at each other on social media, and this year was no different. Since the two actors married in 2012, they have affectionately teased each other on social media, especially during holidays and celebrations. The Gossip Girl star celebrated her 32nd birthday on August 25th, and… More »

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