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Weird and Wonderful Beauty Hacks Celebrities Swear By

When it comes to looking their best, celebrities have it down to a science. It’s no secret that Hollywood’s finest have the cash to look fabulous, but you might be surprised to know that some of their beauty secrets include regular things you might have in your home. From cranberry juice shampoo to cat litter… More »

Stars Dressed Up As Each Other For Halloween And It’s Pure Gold

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, so celebrities must be flattered all the time when regular, non-famous people choose to dress like them for Halloween. But what about when celebrities dress up as each other? We love seeing this because it only proves that deep down, celebrities are just like us…. More »

The Unusual Hobbies Of Celebrities

Nearly everyone has a hobby in one form or another. Whether it’s making art, playing an instrument, collecting antiques, or participating in sports, hobbies are things that people do in their free time for their own happiness. People tend to forget that while celebrities may be very busy people, that doesn’t mean that they don’t… More »

A Selfie Of This Adorable Dog And His Owner Went Viral, Then The Police Saw It

Dan Tillery and his long-time girlfriend had an idyllic relationship. They were living a happy life together outside of Detroit, Michigan, but there was one thing missing. The couple had always wanted to adopt a rescue dog and give it a loving home. When they met Diggy, it was love at first sight and the… More »

Influential Albums That Turned 20 In 2018

1998 was a fantastic year for music. The most remarkable, however, is how every genre of music was celebrated – something the 90s did so well. From pop to hip-hop to R&B and alternative, 1998 was way ahead of the curve with albums that remain influential even 20 years later. From the sweet sounds of… More »

The Most Iconic Dresses of All Time

The glamorous world of the A-list elite comes complete with buckets of glitz and glam. When it comes to their wardrobes, no expense is spared to look like a million dollars. An outfit can speak a thousand words and has the potential to be remembered for decades afterward. In some cases, celebrities are only as… More »

Cars of the Royal Family: Past and Present

It’s no secret that the British monarchy like the finer things in life…especially cars. The modern royals aren’t afraid to splash the cash on a sleek new ride, but they don’t go for just any old automobile. Every car is modified to meet their exact needs, from specially placed vanity mirrors to extra seats for… More »

These Women Are Committed To Building Better Products For Women

When it comes to making great products for women, no one knows the market like a woman herself, so why have we allowed men to take the reigns all these years? It’s pretty obvious that women run the world, and these fabulous female CEOs and co-founders are showing the boys how it’s done. From the… More »

Scenes Actors and Directors Regret Shooting

A lot goes into making a movie and it’s not all fun and games on set. Actors and directors alike often shoot scenes that they’re not entirely comfortable with, going above and beyond to make the movie a success. Although audiences would never be able to tell, it’s not uncommon for Hollywood’s elite to walk… More »

The Most Surprising Jobs Celebrities Worked Before They Were Famous

Contrary to popular belief, celebrities aren’t always born famous. Some of our favorite stars actually had relatively normal childhoods before they made it big. They went to school, had to clean their room before they could go outside, and they had to work “normal” jobs to pay the bills. Some of these jobs weren’t so… More »

Envision Festival Drops the Wildest Lineup Ever

I’m so excited because Envision Festival has announced the 2019 music lineup for the ninth edition of this community built 4-day music & arts festival!!! Challenging the status quo, Envision 2019 is a music and art festival, locally crafted to deliver a new, holistic spin on the conventional music listening experience. Held between February 28th and… More »

This Makeup Artist Transforms Himself To Look Like Celebs And The Results Are Insane

Some people love makeup, but some people love makeup with a capital L-O-V-E. Alexis Stone is the latter. The drag queen from Manchester, United Kingdom uses makeup to transform himself into virtually any celebrity — and we really mean any. From Johnny Depp to the Queen of England, there is seemingly no one Stone can’t… More »

Suwannee Hulaween Reveals Complete Lineup for 2018 Festival

Suwannee Hulaween (one of North America’s premiere multi-faceted boutique festival experiences) is returning to Northern Florida October 26-28 2018 and I couldn’t be more excited! In addition to their really unique and diverse lineup, they are adding some super cool art installations, yoga, workshops, and MORE! The lineup features electronic acts – ODESZA, Tipper, REZZ,… More »

2018 Emmy Awards: Best Dresses & Suits Worn By The Stars

2018 marked the 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards and the stars did not disappoint. Dramatic gowns, unique ornamentation and off-the-shoulder dresses were a few of the popular choices on the red carpet. The men also stepped up their game with some incredible suits. Throw in a surprise proposal, and you’ve got yourself a show. We… More »

These Celebrities Wore The Weirdest Outfits For Their Endorsement Deals

Not all celebrities have steady careers and usually a large sum of their income is made off of endorsements. While these days many stars have to be wise about what they choose to promote, other stars in the past haven’t been as cautious. From dressing up as a pony to wearing a “mankini,” some celebrities… More »

20 Little-Known Facts About ’90s R&B Girl Group Destiny’s Child

Dubbed as “the queens of R&B,” Destiny’s Child continues to be one of the biggest girl groups in music history.

The Evolution Of Prince Harry

Now 34 years old, Prince Harry has lived an exciting life so far. Born into the royal family, Prince Harry is sixth in line to the throne. The unlikely chance that he’ll become king has allowed him some leeway to do things his way. His mother Princess Diana always wished her boys would have a… More »

HOT This Weekend: Rolling Loud Bay Area 2018

Rolling loud Bay Area is returning this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!  This massive two-day hip-hop festival, will take over the grounds of the Oakland Coliseum complex Sept. 15-16… featuring some of the biggest names in hip hop, including, Wiz Khalifa, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Rae Sremmurd, E-40, Gucci Mane and many more.  In addition… More »

QUIZ: Only The Biggest “Friends” Fan Can Pass This Quiz

NBCStart Quiz Friends is one of the most popular television shows in history. From 1995 to 2004, America tuned into the hit sitcom to catch up on the lives of their favorite set of six friends – Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe. Friends is one of those shows that nearly everyone has watched… More »

Sacred Valley: An Outdoor Psychedelic Gathering by Insomniac

I couldn’t be more excited for Insomniac’s *NEW* outdoor, psychedelic gathering – Sacred Valley! This is an entirely new festival concept and will debut at the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation beginning Thursday, Sept. 27 through Sunday, Sept. 30. Set amidst the lush fields and tree-lined grounds of the largest landmass in San Diego County, the location they… More »

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