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Ariana Grande Tried To Fix Her Misspelled Palm Tattoo, But Things Didn’t Go As Planned

Ariana Grande has had a tough week so far, and it’s not over yet. The pop star released her latest single ‘7 Rings,’ which became the most-streamed song during the first 24 hours of it being uploaded. That’s a reason to celebrate, right? Ariana thought so too, so she celebrated the best way she knows… More »

Tidy Facts You Didn’t Know About Marie Kondo

If you’ve heard your friends say they’ve “Kondo-ed” their bedrooms and kitchens over the weekend, then you can bet that they’ve been “Konverted” to the teachings of world-renowned organization guru Marie Kondo. Since Tidying Up with Marie Kondo premiered on Netflix, people have been purging their closets and bookshelves of items that no longer bring… More »

These Amateur Interior Decorators Transformed Their Homes From Drab To Fab

You don’t need to hire a professional team to renovate your home. I mean you could if you have the money for that sort of thing, but if you’re not ready to shell out the cash, you can accomplish a lot with your own two hands. Keep reading to get inspired. There are so many… More »

30 PHOTOS: The Style Evolution Of Taylor Swift

We first became aware of Taylor Swift when she was a young country artist singing about her first love on the radio. Taylor’s come a long way since then, including her personal style, which evolved into something we never saw coming. Taylor’s fashion choices have truly changed from one era to the next. What she… More »

The Tragic True Story Behind Ellen Degeneres’ Most Famous Joke

We all know and love Ellen DeGeneres as America’s favorite daytime talk show host. She’s silly, she’s funny, she can dance, and she’s charitable. It seems crazy to think that people used to hate her for being exactly who she is. When the public first encountered Ellen DeGeneres, she told a funny and moving joke… More »

The Top 30 Fashion Influencers On Instagram Right Now

While initially, Instagram was a place to share photos with your friends, a digital polaroid album of sorts, it’s since become a major business venture. Influencers can make serious money by building an Instagram following. A lot of the Instagram influencers on this list signed with modeling agencies and started their own fashion lines because… More »

LGBT Celebrities Who Came Out Later Than You Remembered

Being gay in Hollywood is a lot different than it used to be. While celebrities coming out as gay used to be a scandal, it is now something to be applauded and celebrated. All of the celebrities on this list came out after the year 2000. For some of the people on this list, that… More »

These Beauty Trends Will Be Big In 2019

The beauty industry is constantly changing and every year we’re blessed (or cursed) with new beauty trends. In 2018, we saw a serious emphasis on self-care with bone broth and sheet masks finding their way into everyone’s pantry and medicine cabinet. But as they say: out with the old and in with the new; 2019… More »

All The Best Looks At The 2019 SAG Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards took place on Sunday, January 27th, 2019. Presenters and nominees came out dressed to the nines, ready to celebrate their craft. While everyone looked absolutely amazing, there were a few stand-out looks that just knocked everyone else out of the water. I’ll let you decide for yourself which looks those… More »

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 is Moving!

I couldn’t be more excited for 2019’s Lightning in a Bottle!  This year it’ll take place 2 weeks earlier on May 8th – 13th and I can’t wait!  The festival is also going to be held in a beautiful new venue location this year, which has said to be an improvement in nearly every way.  I’m excited to… More »

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Your Bae Will Absolutely Love

Buying a gift for your loved one for Valentine’s Day can be a stressful experience. It’s hard to show how much you love somebody with a gift you got at the local mall. That’s why it’s always better to DIY. Your Valentine will definitely be impressed with a gift that you put your blood, sweat,… More »

Lush’s New Valentine’s Day Collection Might Be Our Favorite Yet

Not sure what to get your Valentine this holiday? Lush has got you covered. The all-natural beauty brand just dropped a handful of new statement-making products in time for the love fest. The Valentine’s Day collection features cheeky products including three new bath bombs — one of which is an eggplant emoji-shaped bath bomb —,… More »

CRUSH Returns to AZ For Their 10th Anniversary!

I’m so excited because Relentless Beats recently announced the next round of artists for its 10th Anniversary edition of CRUSH AZ.   The event has expanding to two days and is Arizona’s longest standing EDM festival… and I’m here for it!  It’ll be returning February 15th and 16th to the Rawhide Event Center – situated on the Gila… More »

These Celebs Took To Instagram To Share Some Barefaced #NoMakeup Selfies

Some people think it takes courage to post a no-makeup selfie online. People are so used to seeing perfectly airbrushed images that a totally natural, stripped down self-portrait is seen as a brave thing to do. These women might be brave, but not for sharing a no-makeup selfie. These ladies are all drop dead gorgeous,… More »

Secrets From The Dark Side Of The Modeling Industry

Thanks to stars like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Karlie Kloss, the modeling industry looks as glamorous as ever. Jetting around the world, trying on beautiful clothes, and lounging poolside sounds like a pretty great job to us, but you only get to live that lifestyle once you make it to the top. For the… More »

Groove Cruise Miami 2019 Takes Over Cozumel, Mexico

Groove Cruise veterans and virgins alike came together on Thursday, January 10th to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the world’s premier electronic music cruise… and there’s no doubt that it was more than a success!  The perfect way to star the new year was what started in 2004 as a group of 125 thrill-seeking house-heads (led by… More »

Deciem Founder Brandon Truaxe Has Passed Away at 40 Years Old

Brandon Truaxe, founder and former CEO of Deciem, has passed away at 40 years old, Vox reports. No additional details about Truaxe’s passing have been released at this time. Deciem shared a photo of Truaxe on their official Instagram account with the caption, “Brandon, our founder and friend. You touched our hearts, inspired our minds… More »

Is She The Big Spoon? Celebrity Couple Height Differences You Never Noticed

Being in a “perfect relationship” probably doesn’t exist. Your better half might always have imperfections that you aren’t too fond of, but you accept them for it. That’s why finding the relationship that’s perfect for you is always the best option. One aspect that couples tend to stress over is the height difference. Usually, the… More »

The Fabulous Life of Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour has remained one of the fashion world’s top dogs for decades. The editor-in-chief of Vogue may be known for her cut-throat attitude and incredible style, but her past is almost as colorful as her dresses. Join us as we take a look at the fabulous life of Anna Wintour, from her English roots… More »

Can You Believe It’s Been 10 Years Since These Defining Pop Culture Moments?

To some, 2009 feels like another world while for others, it can feel like it was just yesterday. It’s crazy to think that it has been a decade since some of pop culture’s most defining moments had us all stunned– Kanye interrupts Taylor, Obama became president, “Single Ladies” was at the top of the charts,… More »

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