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Kylie Jenner and Drake Are ‘Hanging Out Romantically’

It looks like Kylie Jenner might be moving on from Travis Scott after all. Hollywood could soon have a new power couple with Jenner and Drake being seen together on multiple occasions since she broke it off with Scott. Jenner attended Drake’s 33rd birthday party near the beginning of October and was also in attendance… More »

Kristen Stewart Admits She Wanted To Marry Robert Pattinson

It’s been many years since teen girls everywhere had Twilight posters littering their walls, but somehow everyone’s favorite couple from the series is still being talked about. Earlier this week, Kristen Stewart was interviewed by Howard Stern and dropped a bunch of new information about her relationship with her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson. She revealed… More »

These Horror TV Shows Will Keep You Up All Night In The Best Way Possible

For many people, the adrenaline rush while watching a horror film sometimes just isn’t enough. The 90 minutes a horror film typically lasts leaves them wanting more. Thankfully, there are plenty of spine-tingling horror television shows to binge watch before bedtime. These shows frighten us in multiple ways, whether through jump scares, intense psychological terror,… More »

James Dean To Star In New Movie Via CGI

Hollywood and cultural icon James Dean was taken well before his time. The actor has remained iconic in Hollywood, despite passing away at 24-years-old in a car accident in 1955. He’s still so iconic that one movie studio is bringing him back for their new film with full-body CGI technology. The actor, who is known… More »

Don’t Quit While You’re Ahead, These Actors Regretted Doing That

Acting is one of the best gigs on Earth, depending on who you ask. You get paid a pretty penny pretending to be someone else in front of a camera. In the process, you gain fans, awards, and reputation, but that isn’t enough for some actors and actresses. Even when it seems like things are… More »

Lady Gaga Finally Addresses Those Romance Rumors With Bradley Cooper

Remember earlier this year when Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper took over the internet with romance rumors—especially after their 2019 Oscars performance? Well, Gaga is finally speaking up about those swirling rumors and apparently, it’s what they wanted us to think all along. In a new interview by Oprah Winfrey for Elle magazine, the 33-year-old… More »

What’s Coming To Netflix In November 2019

Netflix has added a bunch of new and fan-favorite movies, TV shows, comedy specials, and more for November 2019. With the holiday season right around the corner there are plenty of things to watch to get everyone in the spirit. Also, the wait is over as many Netflix originals such as The Crown and Atypical… More »

The Real Ellen DeGeneres Is Much Different Than Her Daytime TV Persona

Ellen DeGeneres has a reputation for being a positive role model, a generous host, and a really funny lady. Her humor is often self-deprecating and her show is all about being kind to the people around you. Ellen uses her platform to educate people about the environment, LGBTQ+ issues, politics, entertainment, internet culture, and so… More »

Harry Styles Announces Sophomore Album ‘Fine Line’ And Teases An Upcoming Tour

Look out world: Harry Styles is back! The former One Direction member has finally released details about his upcoming second album. He took to Twitter on November 4th to announce his new album, titled “Fine Line,” which will be released on December 13th. “Fine Line” follows his first self titled solo album, which dropped back… More »

Man Builds A Massive Shipping Container Dream Home After No Designer Would Help

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” That’s exactly what Houston, Texas-based designer Will Breaux was thinking when he was contacting designers to build the home of his dreams. The designs they came up with were in your classic townhouse mold, and Breaux wanted more. So he built it. Over… More »

Ariana Grande Reflects A Year After ‘Thank U, Next’ Release

November 3rd marked one year since Ariana Grande released her iconic breakup bop ‘Thank U, Next.” The song became an instant classic, with her referencing past relationships with Pete Davidson, Big Sean, and Mac Miller. It led the singer to set the record straight about her past relationships and begin the year of self-love that… More »

Kelly Clarkson Announces Las Vegas Residency

Kelly Clarkson is proof you can do it all! The musician now has her own talkshow The Kelly Clarkson Show and used it to make an incredibly exciting announcement last week. On November 1st, she announced she’ll be heading to Las Vegas for her very own residency! The 37-year-old will headline a Las Vegas residency… More »

The Best And Worst Films Of 2019, So Far

With each year comes a huge new crop of movies. Some are considered excellent, others are forgotten about completely, and the truly unfortunate ones are remembered only by how terrible they were. Audiences and film critics are tough crowds, and films are at the mercy of their opinions upon their release. Ultimately, they judge which… More »

Is Keanu Reeves Joining the ‘Fast and Furious’ Franchise?

Keanu Reeves has had a ton of iconic action movie roles, but there’s one franchise he has yet to grace with his presence: Fast and Furious. However, that could all be changing if it’s up to one of the writers for the films. Hobbs & Shaw writer Chris Morgan has revealed that there have been… More »

These Magical Facts About The Dark Crystal Will Help Restore Balance

The Dark Crystal was revolutionary when it came out in 1982. The scope of the puppetry and animatronics used was groundbreaking but sadly weren’t enough to make the movie a hit. As the years passed and the dark fantasy aged, its fanbase grew and it became a classic. In 2019, a prequel series came out… More »

John Legend And Kelly Clarkson Update The Lyrics To ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

When it comes to Christmas music, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is one of the most iconic classics there is. However, last year following the #MeToo movement many people gave the lyrics to the song a second look and realized that it could be seen as a bit problematic. It’s because of this that John Legend… More »

Noami Watts-Led ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel Canceled at HBO

It’s a sad day for all of us Game Of Thrones fans out there. With the series coming to an end earlier this year, the idea of a spin-off series was super exciting. However, the untitled Game of Thrones prequel from Jane Goldman is not moving forward at HBO. Goldman’s pilot featured Naomi Watts as… More »

Emilia Clarke Cried When She Met Beyoncé

Imagine the power in the room when Queen Bey and the Mother of Dragons Khaleesi finally met. Turns out, it was so powerful that even Emilia Clarke herself couldn’t handle meeting Beyoncé. During a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, she revealed the surprise meeting between the two of the did not go well…. More »

Selena Gomez Is Looking For Love Again

We’re all familiar with Selena Gomez’s rollercoaster of a love life. She dated Justin Bieber on and off for almost a decade before calling it quits for good in 2017. Since then, he’s been in a whirlwind romance with his now-wife Hailey Baldwin. Gomez also had a brief relationship with rapper The Weeknd. Now, after… More »

Justin Bieber Promises A New Album By Christmas

It’s been a long four years since we last got a full-length album from Justin Bieber. Sure, he’s been featured on a bunch of singles, most recently “10,000 Hours” with country stars Dan and Shay, but where is the new album? Well, Bieber says he’ll release one by Christmas on one condition: he gets enough… More »

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