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5 New TV Shows We’re Dying to See

The weather might not realize it just yet, but it’s almost October! Network television is in the process of premiering all its new shows as is fall tradition. The new show line up is…a little lackluster, but there are a few shows we’re looking forward to popping on the tube while biding our time between… More »

Braff’s New Squeeze

Filed under: TMZ cameras caught Zach Braff out with the new lady in his life — “Six Degrees” star Shiri Appleby. The doctor is in!Braff and Appleby dined at Il Sole last night (Courteney Cox Arquette was nowhere in sight). On the way out, Zach seemed to explain… Read… from

Tuesday Buzz 7/3

Well folks, sorry to disspoint, but Nic Rich IS pregnant. (POTP)

Have you been to the converted Kwik-E-Marts yet? (seriouslyomg)

Drew Barrymore + Zach Braff. I can see that working, yeah. (Evil Beet)
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Thursday Buzz 6/21

Rehab sounds like a blast. (IBBB)

Ok, I give in. Suri Cruise is pretty freakin adorable. (The Dirty Disher)

Spice Girls pregnancy ban. (IntoGossip)

Controversial yogurt ads from…

Music Buzz 2/7

Everyone loves Justin Timberlake. Even Petey. (Idolator)iTunes is gonna get rid of DRM?! Yeah baby! (brooklynvegan)Bright Eyes “Cassadaga” tracklisting. (indieblogheaven)But is his miserable enough? Zach Braff to play Elliott Smith.

Wednesday Buzz 2/7

Xtina doesn’t wear clothes on Sunday. (Evil Beet)Stephen Colbert Ice Cream!Watch all FIVE Oscar “Best Picture” noms + unlimited popcorn + unlimited soda. Sweet Deal on Feb 24!!! (link via pop candy)Drew Barrymore & Zach…

Monday Buzz 1/22

SO STOKED FOR HEROES TONIGHT. (seriouslyomgwtf)Marcel from Top Chef got bottled! By a viewer! But he’s not a jerk? (lvweekly) ps. Ilan is hot.Zach Braff & Mandy Moore should just get back together. (JustJared)Meatlifting? WTF?…

Scrubs – The Musical (Preview)

The Last Kiss (Movie Trailer)

Starring Zach Braff, Rachel Bilson and Jacinda Barrett. I soooo wanna see this,.

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