My First Trip To Disneyland!

Hey guys, 

I just recently got to finally enjoy my first trip to Disneyland! I had no idea what to expect but ended up having a blast. Now I get why everyone has a season pass…

Buzznet Instagram Takeover Recap!

Hey guys! Yesterday I took over the Buzznet Instagram so that I could talk to all of YOU! Don’t worry…if you missed out, I put all of the pics right here for you to see! What is your favorite picture?

VOTE For Zac Mann To Win Ryan Seacrest’s “Burn” Cover Contest!


I was chosen by Ryan Seacrest for one of the best of Ellie Goulding‘s “Burn” Covers!

Vote for me HERE on his…

Zac Efron’s Twitter Q&A Interview!

About an hour ago, Zac Efron went on twitter and answered live questions his followers (fans) were sending! Fans had to include the hashtag #AskZacEfron in order for Zac to see it. I…

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