#FBF Hilary Duff Teen Fashion

Nowadays, Hilary Duff is killing it across the board. She’s totally gorgeous with a banging bod, she’s a kick ass mom, she’s starring in the hilariously delightful TV Land show, Younger, and she’s just content with who she is. Back in the day, our girl Hilary was a regular teenager playing Lizzie McGuire and growing up in… More »

Quiz: Which Younger Character Are You?

Ever wondered which character of TV Land’s hit show, Younger, you would be? Take our quiz below to find out if you’re a Liza, Kelsey, Lauren or Diana! Catch Younger on TV Land, Wednesdays at 10/9C!

Hot Or Not: Hilary Duff’s ‘Younger’ Premiere Dress

A few days ago, Hilary Duff made her return to the red carpet to celebrate the premiere of her new TV Land series, Younger. The starlet played up her…

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