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12 Signs You Belong In A YA Movie

There’s something so good about a young adult movie. Maybe it’s seeing a fresh perspective of a situation you can relate to, or the fact that they allow you to live in suspended reality for a couple hours where vampires and werewolves really exist. Perhaps it’s living vicariously through a seemingly perfect young couple in… More »

An Interview With Cat Winters, Author of In the Shadow of Blackbirds

I was beyond ecstatic this week to have the chance to interview the author of In the Shadow of Blackbirds and 2014 William C. Morris YA…

Charlize Theron’s 10 Hottest Movie Roles

Charlize Theron is gorgeous. From her roles as Tina in That Thing You Do! to Mavis Gary in Young Adult, it seems that (much like her character Queen Ravenna in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman) age defies the gorgeous Charlize in each role she takes on. Here are 10 of Charlize’s hottest movie… More »

50 Cent: Rapper, Actor and… Young Adult Book Author?

You may know hip hop artist 50 Cent for his rap music career and you may even be familiar with him as an actor (ever heard of Get Rich or…

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