Celeb Photos That Prove We All Have Awkward Phases

When you see celebs on TV, the silver screen, on a magazine cover, or a red carpet, it’s hard to imagine these perfectly polished stars ever had less-than-perfect looks and style. However, when it comes to life, no matter what you grow up to look like, EVERYONE goes through an awkward phase…even celebrities.  We collected… More »

Throwback Thursday: Back To School, Baby! … One More Time

I planned to do this gallery for such a long time and now it’s finally here. We all known Britney Spears in her school-uniform in Baby One More Time music video and immediately fell in love with her. But how the Queen of Pop were when she were at school? She was really lovely, always… More »

Keep In Touch: Sign All Time Low’s Yearbook!

Hey guyyyys! This month on Buzznet the theme is “Makin’ Memories”. What better way to document your sweet mems than to sign a yearbook?

We know that you guys…

Makin’ Memories: Celeb Yearbook Pics!

This month is all about the milestone moments that tend to roll into view this time of year. As a younger lass one of my favorite parts of school was yearbook day! It was always so delightful pouring over each page with friends, writing messages to each other, and remembering all the craziness the year… More »

In May We’re Makin’ Memories!

Happy May Day one and all! April All Star Month was a rousing success. We saw some amazing posts shouting out…


I have so many comic strips of Gary Larsons Farside that I’ve saved though the years. He had the weirdest humor and brilliant mind I’m not sure he is doing this strip anymore though. I guess he finally ran out of ideas. I love this one since I raise butterflies I can just picture the… More »

Original Style Watch: Celebrity Year Book Photos

Ok so Everyone has had horrible year book photos… mine included! And I thought it was only fair to post mine as well. This is from 9th grade (I think?) 2001? 2002? YES, that is my naturally curly hair ha! My eyebrows look like they are drawn on chola style but I asure you they… More »

Celebrity Yearbook Quotes

The end of the schoolyear is just right around the corner and soon enough it’ll be “no more teachers, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks” – and the forever-there yearbook! Ahhh, the yearbook: a flurry of telling photos, classmates and crushes’ “Have a great summer” wishes to you… and quotes embedded in it… More »

Vogue Yearbook

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