yard sale

Lance Bass is a “Big Brother” and Yard Sale Junky!

While most of young Hollywood is thinking about summer parties and getaways, Lance Bass is counting down the days to something surprising…

Lady Love

Us lovely ladies working it at the sale today! Thanks to everyone who came out! I finished the day with a taco feast fit for a king and a cat nap that put me into a coma daze. I ended up coming home with almost as much stuff as I sold… selling next to girls… More »

Chanel Half Tint

While cleaning out my room for my big Hollywood Sample Sale Yard Sale this weekend I came across my Chanel half…

Attn: Angelenos! Santino Rice is having a Yard Sale this weekend!

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, don’t bother– I don’t want to fight you for a parking space.
But seriously, I’d only be more excited if it was Daniel Vosovic’s, so I could fawn…

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