Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White In a Dress. You’re Welcome.

Okay, so I’m not all up on my fashion stuff, but isn’t there some unspoken rule about redheads wearing pink?  Anyone?  Help?

Well, if there is, snowboarding superstar Shaun White broke that rule all over the…

Double You Tee Eff: X-Games Cuts Women’s Vert Skateboarding From Their List of Events

The X-Games were founded in order to give attention to athletes who were failing to get mainstream attention and were not being viewed as “real” athletes.  And it has suceeded in that aim.  However, at…

Jamie Bestwick / X Games 13

The run that got him the gold in BMX Vert. Flawless!

Shaun White – X Games 13 – Gold Medal run

Shaun White scored a Gold medal this weekend in Skate Vert. 95.75!!!

Daniel Dhers / Xgames 13 / BMX park

Wow. He’s good. He took Gold with a 91.66! ps. He looks just like Steven Tyler, no? (That dude from Aerosmith)

Video Blog #4: Vague X-Games Recap

I’m going to sleep after I post this. Haha, can you tell? I’ve got my pillow ready and everything.

X-Games: Travis Pastrana’s Double Backflip

X games Big Air 2006. Will he get beat this year?

X-Games: Bob Burnquist Vert Skateboarding

Haha, listen to the announcers freak out.

X-Games Womens Street ’06

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