What I Be Project

Freedom has always been in our veins. It does not matter where you live. We are all equal and we have a right to be happy. Unfortunately, the truth of life…

15 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day In 10 Minutes

Let’s be honest – no matter how peaceful and calm you may be, we all have our bad days. Im talking about those days when you want to throw the phone out the window, cry, and lay in bed and yell at anyone who crosses your path. Minor things can trigger bad days, whether it’s… More »

Why Is Miley Cyrus Denying What She Wrote On Facebook?

Miley Cyrus has usually been good about being honest and liable for her often controversial actions. So it seems suspicious that the 19-year-old entertainer is…

Um, no.

Crying On This Floor


Crying here,

On this floor,

Crying now,

Because I know that its no more,



You broken my soul,

Left me broken hearted,

You decieved my trust,

And left before I could even get started,



I cried for you,

Here on this floor,

I cried tha…

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