These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Happy Wednesday, Moon Babies! Through the creation of the “Worlds Apart” video – I’ve really been embracing the Water element and Ocean-esque vibes <3 From mermaids to neons to pastels to brilliant DIY ideas to…more mermaids 🙂 – these are a few of my favorite things this week! I.L.U. k More For You: DIY Tuesday:… More »

DIY Tuesday: My Ocean Dress From The “Worlds Apart” Video

Hi Moon Babies, First of all, thank you so much for all the amazing feedback on the new video. So many people worked extremely hard to pull this together and we’re so happy for all the positivity you’ve been sending our way. Shooting the underwater scenes was SO H A R D. Champagne problems for… More »

MoonChild Monday!

Happy Monday, Moon Babies! This week’s #MoonChild Monday brings together the amazing art, magical illustrations, awesome photos, and fantastical screen shots from the “Worlds Apart” video of MoonChildren Axel, Justin, Kyle, Leo, P Cat, and Rana!!! So amazing!!! Do u have some MoonChild goodies u wanna share?! Put them up on my Facebook, tweet em… More »

Join Me For A Virtual “Worlds Apart” Release Party Tonight!

Happy Friday Moon Babies! To celebrate the release of “Worlds Apart” on Dancing Astronaut today, me and the incredible Seven Lions wanna party with you guys! Join us (@kerlimusic and @sevenlionsmusic ) for a Twitter hang + virtual “Worlds Apart” video release party tonight at 4 pm/PST, 7pm/EST! Post your questions and messages by using… More »

PHOTOS: ‘Worlds Apart’ Release Party With Kerli & Seven Lions!

Last weekend I had the honor and the pleasure to join my friend Seven Lions on stage for his EP release party in LA. Jeff is one of my favorite producers and it’s been incredible to collaborate on creating these intricate soundscapes with him. We also have a music video in store for you guys… More »

Insta Party Friday: BubbleGoth Magic & Worlds Apart

Happy Friday, Moon Babies! I’ve been stepping up my Instagram game for you guys – So, if you don’t already, you can follow my IG HERE! I’ve been running around like crazy these past couple weeks working on some special stuff for the #BubbleGoth empire and prepping a bit of magick for the Seven Lions… More »

Insta Party Friday: Good Food, Great Friends & A New Single

Happy Friday, Moon Babies! I’ve been trying to use my Instagram some more lately for you guys! So, if you don’t already, you can follow my IG HERE! The first couple weeks of June have been super busy and filled with lots of excitement about the new single with Seven Lions “Worlds Apart”…I wanna thank… More »

DIY Tuesday: 29 Epic Cosmic Creations!

Happy DIY Tuesday, Babies! I’ve been into all things other-wordly lately – and wanted to find some dope cosmic projects to show you guys! Using pastels or metallics and your brilliant creativity, you can really give a second life to some of those plain pieces you may have laying around. From cosmic cupcakes and starry… More »

LISTEN: Kerli & Seven Lions Release New Single “Worlds Apart”

Moon Babies,

I teamed up with the magical Seven Lions to create the track “Worlds Apart” – and it is out now as a single!!!

You can grab it here:

Like it, Love it…

Why Are We Worlds Apart…

Dear Moon Children,

With ‘Worlds Apart’ being released as a single today, – you can grab it HERE 🙂 – I thought it would be fun to lift…

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