Get long lean LEGS in your leggings!

Leggings are always in and come on ladies, I KNOW we all want to look good in them. There is just something sexy about looking good in a legging 🙂 Here are some amazing workouts that I do for my legs to keep em lean and sexy 😉 What man doesn’t like nice legs? xo… More »

Ashlee Holmes: Personal Fitness Motivation

It’s almost that time of the year again… that time when The Victoria’s Secret fashion show airs and makes you feel even guiltier about all of the food you’ve been consuming during the holiday season. That time when every girl contemplates taking their own life at the sight of the Victoria’s Secret angels strutting their… More »

20 Reasons To Fall In Love With Fall

YESSSSS!!!!!! The time has come. Summer is leaving us and I will admit that I am one of those people that are happy to see it go. Mainly because fall is my favorite season. I JUST LOVE IT. I’m going to be on the East Coast for fall for the first time in 2 years…. More »


I started running about 2 years ago and I generally run every single day. It really made a difference in the shape of my body, my ability to maintain my weight and just my overall…

Exclusive: ATL’s Zack Merrick Shares His Healthy Habits!

Re featured this in honor of Zack Merrick‘s bday today! Hey Buzzers, This year I am trying extra hard to be healthy, happy and inspire everyone else to do the same! I used to tour and was always trying to be healthy on the road and coincidentally, Zack Merrick of All Time Low does the… More »

13 Fun Ways To Workout In 2013

Even though I find working out to be an amazing experience, there are days where I’d rather sit in bed than go to the gym! I have been trying to find new ways to workout so I have no excuse to go out and do something healthy for myself! I have been hiking, taking fun… More »

Want To Workout Like A Celeb? Try Piloxing!

If you haven’t tried out Piloxing you must! It’s my favorite workout because it’s upbeat, energetic, and kicks your butt! This workout is a mix of kick-boxing, pilates, hip-hop, and ballet. They have…

It’s not too late for that bikini body!! 8 moves AT HOME you can do!

After July 4th I know I personally ate and drank enough for a family of 12. All while running around in my bikini. Now I have to get my ass in shape for a burlesque…

Say Anything’s Drummer Coby Linder’s 5 Fit Foods & Exercises for Summer

Say Anything has been off working away on a brand new record, but in the mean time drummer Coby Linder has also been…

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