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6 Jaw-Dropping Trailers That Debuted at Comic Con

This weekend, San Diego was overrun with celebs, comic book legends, and the comic book and TV obsessed for Comic Con. What started as a conference for diehards has become the best place to debut trailers for all the hotly anticipated movies and TV shows. Don’t believe us? Well, here are 6 trailers that debuted… More »

6 Summer Blockbusters We Can’t Wait to See

Now that June is right around the corner, you’re probably singing, “Summer, Summer, Summertime!” under your breath constantly. One of the best parts of summer is escaping the heat by going to the movies. While this summer’s movie schedule isn’t exactly world class (I’m looking at you, 17th Pirates of the Caribbean flick) there are… More »

First Look At Gal Gadot As ‘Wonder Woman’ in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’!

First Look At Gal Gadot As ‘Wonder Woman’ in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’!

Comic-Con Recap: Wonder Woman & Superhero Items

Incase you missed Comic-Con this year- check out all the cool Wonder Woman and Superhero inspired stuff they sold! It’s awesome and I’m sure you can order similar items online! I’m loving my Wonder…

Hailey Bright Stars In New Wonder Woman Film!

Calling all Wonder Woman fans!

Want a modern day take on our beloved Wonder Woman? Check out this awesome fan film that just debuted on YouTube. It stars myself, Chester See, & the…

Christina Hendricks Wants to Play Wonder Woman…And I’m Okay With That

Christina Hendricks wants to be Wonder Woman. 

And the odds are looking better and better that she’ll get to do so.

See, director Nicolas Winding Refn wants to make a Wonder…

Clips from the Failed ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot Hit the Internet, Show Us Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

So, news broke awhile back that the plans for a Wonder Woman television series had been scrapped after the pilot episode.  I was a little upset, because despite the promo shots of her costume…

DC Comics To Reboot Over 50 Titles This Fall

Ever wanted to get into comic books, but intimidated by the sheer amount of mythology?  Or felt they were just so DISCONNECTED from the world today?

Well, now DC comics is making it easier for…

Wonder Woman Show Gets Depowered: NBC Rejects the Series

Before even airing a single episode, the anticipated (for better or for worse) Wonder Woman TV show has been canned.  No shows other than the pilot will be filmed and it looks like that…

Hipster Princesses? Psh, the Cool Thing Now is Hipster SUPERHEROINES

So, all the way back in February we were into Hipster Disney Princesses.  But now they’re too mainstream because they showed up on Buzznet and everyone’s like “OMG, I love Hipster Princesses!”


ANYWAY, the new…

Adrianne Palicki Named New Wonder Woman

Step aside Lynda Carter – there’s a new Wonder Woman in town!

Former Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki has been chosen to fill Carter’s shoes as the iconic comic book…

Wonder Woman for MAC Cosmetics

i love the new wonder woman mac collection!! 

from the cute packaging to the colorful mascara, this line is super fly.

will you be picking up anything from this collection?



Entertainment Headlines I Demand from 2011

Ah, 2011, you are starting out with such possibilities for Entertainment news.  Considering 2010 gave us breaking casting news, sudden and saddening break-ups and Lohan, Lohan, Lohan, I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings. …

The nOir NYC Women of DC Comics Jewelry Collection: Shiny but Disappointing

Lemme preface this blog with this: I like seeing female comic characters get mainstream attention.  I think it’s awesome to celebrate the kick ass ladies of comics and I hope against hope that it will…

MAC Goes Wonder Woman! (Can We Have ALL The Ladies of DC Comics Please?)

1This year is the 75th Anniversary of DC comics.  And, last month, DC comics published the 600th issue of Wonder Woman.

So, this is pretty much the prime time for MAC to release a Wonder…

Boobs + Superpowers = Hollywood’s Confused

So apparently, Hollywood has no idea how to handle taking Wonder Woman from the pages of her comics to the big screen.

Who’s got two thumbs and isn’t surprised?  THIS GIRL!

In <a…

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