7 Harry Potter Spells We Wish We Could Use

The glorious world of Harry Potter is true magic in every sense of the word. These books and movies still make us crave an alternate universe where we can be whisked away to Hogwarts to learn all about potions and spells and flying on broomsticks. Just for fun, here are seven Harry Potter spells we all… More »

The Wizard’s Guide To Back-To-School

Whether you’re on your way to becoming the greatest Wizard of all time, or you’re still practicing your levitating charms you have to be prepared. If you already have your supply list, then head to Diagon Alley and we’ll see you at Hogwarts! But if you’re still waiting on your Hogwarts Letter, we’ve compiled a… More »

10 Thoughts Every Harry Potter Fan Has On Sept. 1st

Ah, September is here and for most, it comes with the first change of the leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and sweater season. Then there are the millions of Harry Potter fanatics who are mentally preparing for Back to Hogwarts Day, here are their thoughts. 1. My letter definitely is coming this year… (even though I’m well… More »

Did Selena And Justin Break Up Over Trust Issues?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have offically parted ways…so sad! After two years of dating, Selena reportedly ended the romance. Sources close to the star are claiming Selena had jealously and trust issues. It can’t…

Hayley Kiyoko

One name: Hayley Kiyoko. Triple threat. Singer. Dancer. Actress. You may know her from “Lemonade Mouth” and “Wizards” on Disney, or you may know her from The Stunners (a music group which…

Celebrities Who Are Secretly Wizards

We are gearing up (and tearing up) to bid a fond farewell to the Harry Potter movie series. As our friend Janet and pretty much everyone in the world counts down to the release of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, we decided to raid Hollywood’s Chamber of Secrets to find out which of your… More »

11 Coolest Onscreen Wizards

With Harry Potter coming to an end in just a little over a week away, it’s almost time to say goodbye to our favorite boy wizard. Wizards have roamed the silver screen for quite some time now – even before Harry Potter was ever created! In honor of Dumbledore, Harry and our favorite wizards from… More »

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