HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL Dr. Mojo and Flojo picked Harry Houdini and a very Sophisticated Witch for their costumes this year. Dr. Mojo is dressed in his finest Straightjacket and his best Chains. Miss Flojo is dressed as the most Sophisticated Witch in her designer Witch gown. And Dr. Mojo will get out of his chains… More »

Magical Fall 2013 Line by Samii Ryan!

 Halloween isn’t the only time to celebrate Magic and Witch-y things. Now you can spellbind all year long with the gorgeous Fall 2013 line by 

Britney Spears Halloween Costumes Throughout The Years

Meanwhile we are waiting for her new Halloween costume (Brit revealed to dress up as Snow White this year), check out this gallery with random photos from the past Britney’s Halloweens. Let me know if you have a favorite one costume 😉 Happy Halloween everyone! Related posts: #ITSBRITNEYWITCH HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Disney’s Oz The Great And Powerful Is A 3D Wonder

When I think of “OZ”, I think of a land somewhere over the rainbow filled with the good, the wicked, unity, betrayal and of course ruby red slippers. It…

Style Inspiration: The Craft

The Craft was actually a movie that a few were not allowed to watch as kids. So for me, at least, it’s been a pretty late discovery… one that really represents a 90′s era high school sentiment that can bring back that nostalgic feeling of being oh so different. We were, however, NOT blessed with… More »

Vampire Diaries Recap: Episode “Before Sunset”

Before I begin my recap of tonight’s episode (May 3), can I just say: HOW FRIGGEN AWESOME WAS THAT EPISODE? I mean, Vampire Diaries just keeps getting better…

Fashion Takes the Internet, Part 1: W.A.S.

There are so many awesome up-and-coming internet-based designers and independent online stores, so I decided to start doing a weekly feature on some of my favorites! Here’s part 1…

I know I just did…


One day when I was in my doctors office on the third floor I looked out the window and saw something in the distance. Because I always have my camera with me I got it out and zoomed in and saw this crow sitting proudly on the top of the hospital across the parking lot…. More »

Kittys, Glitter & Dolls, Oh My


Hard Candy Poll

Which of these three looks do you want me to make a video tutorial for!?

A. Pretty Kitty


Spider Rings

I spent the past week wearing an overload of spider rings…. Halloween is coming to an end within a few hours. Does this mean I have to stop?…. Too much candy, home made apple cider, spider web nails and pumpkin seeds galore. What did everyone dress up as today?

Hard Candy Gothic Witch


<p style="text-align:…

Tokyolux Goes Halloween

New limited edition products at www.tokyolux.com get them before they are gone!

Im loving the…

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