Holiday Wishlist: Coach Is Back And Better Than Ever

Not gonna lie, after attending the Coach Backstage event with some of our Buzzmakers I fell back in love with Coach. I went through my Coach phase (like most 14-year-old girls) back in the day and since then they have upped their game times a million. I’ve gathered some of my favorite items I saw… More »

Shopping Lust: Birthday And Christmas Wishlist!

My birthday is in just over a month, immediately followed by Christmas, so I’m spending excessive amounts of time looking online for stuff to put on my wishlists. Here are some colorful, whimsical, girly things I’m particularly crossing my fingers for (and a few I can only dream about). What are you asking for for… More »

My Christmas List

ok…ok, that awkward moment when you know you do not NEED anything, but of course, there are always things you love and would love to have in your little life circle. Swooon + I (and family) are not doing xmas gifts this year because we are trying to save for a house + our wedding…. More »

My Christmas Wish List

I have some wishes that I would like to have for Christmas, other than have fun with my family,I also like to indulge in all things I like and I find under my tree this year!

Autumn Wish List.

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Motel Drew Lace Shirtdress $68

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Plaform Boot – Black $162

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Question of the Day: What Songs Do You Wish They’d Play On The Radio?

Photo by: TiDarling

This is another QOTD from the brain that is KobraKidd. She’s got some pretty cool questions on her profile, so you should probz defs head on…

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

   I would say that I have been fairly good this year. Since I have no fireplace (living in Florida and all), I will leave the window cracked so that…

Christmas Wish List

Feather coats, Faux fur bag, skull candles, glitter boots, Bordello heels, anything kitty, a weekend at The Modonna Inn and a trip to San Francisco!

Whats on your…


Guys guys. My bday was on Monday December 8th and my bday (pirate) party is this weekend. I actually started this list 2 weeks ago then forgot about it. AND THEN THERES CHRISTMAS. I’ll spare

My Birthday + Fall Wishlist

I’m turning the big 2-0 in just over a week…here’s what I have my eye on! Too bad in reality I’ll end up having to spend all my birthday money on textbooks for the fall. Oh well.

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