Bye Bye 2012. Welcome 2013 // First Gallery Of The Year

So here I am, 2013 is definitely started and I really hope this will be such an awesome year for me and for all the people I love and also for all of you, my Buzznet family. I celebrated New Year Eve with my parents and had a lovely dinner at Japanese restaurant. We ate… More »

15 Fun Facts About Brian Logan Dales

In honor of today being The Summer Set‘s Brian Logan Dales birthday, we felt it was necessary to share some fun facts about him. Not only is he one of our favorite frontmen who loves everything Disneyland, he has some personal faves you may all enjoy. Make sure you show Brian some love on his… More »

Merry Christmas To Everyone!

With this video I wanna wish a Happy Xmas to all…

My Christmas Wish List

I have some wishes that I would like to have for Christmas, other than have fun with my family,I also like to indulge in all things I like and I find under my tree this year!

What is Your 11.11 Wish for the World?

I thought today would make for a very cool picture project. As you all know it is 11/11/11 today which marks a worldwide sweep of wishes based on 11:11 Numerology. My wish is for the world, and it is the wish that everyone learn to love not only one another as human beings, but also… More »

Wishin and Hopin’: A Playlist for 11/11

YOU GUYS. It’s 11/11. Is the Universe going to grant EPIC WISHES at 11:11am and 11:11pm? Perhaps, young Jedis. So here is a playlist for a dreamy-wishy day.

Dusty Springfield…

QOTD – Do You Ever Wish On Shooting Stars?

This Question of the Day is brought to you by Sany83 and her magical hat of wisdom from whence she draws out questions for you. Everyone should have a magical hat that produces questions…

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