winnie the pooh

We Die: Disney + Vans = Shoe Perfection

Dreams do come true! In honor of their 10 year anniversary Vault By Vans has joined forces with Disney for a fall collection of OG classics. The shoes include reissued Disney prints originally designed in the 1980s. Ready to rock Donald Duck low tops or Mickey Mouse High Tops? Check out the gallery below and… More »

Flashback Friday: 10 Best On-screen Bears

Growing up, it was almost mandatory that everyone had a teddy bear (or some manifestation) that they had to comfort them, entertain them and basically become their best friend. But as we grow up, that bear gets put to the side until we just don’t need them anymore. In the new movie Ted (starring Mark… More »

Eeyore & I

This morning I was at the mall with my mom and there are a lot of grabber machines, in a one there are a lot of Winnie The Pooh characters. Months ago I got Winnie The Pooh with the bathrobe, now it’s time of Eeyore! It’s so cuteeeeeeeeeee!!! *w*

Buzznet’s Official Summer Movie Guide

With so many flavors to choose from in the proverbial summer movie ice cream shop, let us help you make wise movie-going decisions this season. Whether you need help choosing your summer blockbuster or need the deets on a low key romance flick- we will help you make up your mind! Check out our opinions… More »

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