Haerts Delight with Their Self-Titled Debut

I have never been more proud to live in Brooklyn than I do right now. We have some of the best breakout bands making their…

Artist Of The Month: Birdy

I know I say this every month but….is it seriously June? Already?! We have a great Artist Of The Month for ya, though!


Band To Buzz About Fall ’13: Haerts

Haerts are a force to be reckoned with. After creating a buzz online with only one song out, the well-crafted “Wings,” the band…

LISTEN: Haerts Releases New Music

Brooklyn-based indie/synth band Haerts may have won your ‘heart’ over with their song “Wings” this spring. For a while it seemed…

Song Of The Day: “Wings” by Haerts

For the month of March, I’m going to post a song by a relatively unknown artist and then leave the rest up to…


I think these bats are so cute they have faces just like dogs. I know someone who has one for a pet but he’s a wildlife expert : )

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