Hot Or Not: White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos may not be the most popular choice when it comes to getting art inked on your body, but it seems to be the most discreet if you have a lighter toned skin color. Sure they aren’t as exciting as classic black and colored pieces, but they have a unique quality that makes most do… More »

5 Secrets To Wearing All White And Not Getting Dirty

So summer is here, making it prime time to dress all in white to make your tan pop and keep you cool on those sweltering hot days. The only issue with wearing all white is the fact that it will inevitably get dirty, making you feel like PigPen from Peanuts. However, we’ve got 5 secrets to keeping… More »

White Hot Sneakers To Pimp Your Feet

I couldn’t be happier for the seasonal change. Winter was bitter cold and my feet have been tucked away in heavy snow boots and black leather for so many months now, I forget what it’s like to wear something light and easy like a sneaker. A white sneaker to be exact. There’s something so clean… More »

40 Celebrities Being Patriotic

The American flag print has been a very popular fashion trend this year with many celebrities joining in on the trend to to show their American pride. With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought I would share with you 40 celebrities who are being patriotic! XoXo, Katelyn

30 Yin Yang Nail Art Designs

Last week I got a yin yang design on one of my nails and I fell so in love. I have a yin yang ring that I wear everyday and have for three years which is where I got my inspiration from for my nails. I have always been a lover of the symbol but… More »

Miley Cyrus Flaunts Bare Skin And Tatts On The Cover Of ‘ELLE’ UK

Miley Cyrus has graced us with the June cover of ELLE UK. I have to say, I think she looks stunning. The 20-year-old singer/actress isn’t afraid to show us a little skin. The open…

Ruby Jean Wilson by Mikael Wardhana for Karen Magazine #14

Ruby Jean Wilson by Mikael Wardhana for Karen Magazine #14

Nadia Serlidou for MOEVA London SS 2013 Campaign

Nadia Serlidou for MOEVA London SS 2013 Campaign

Tian Yi by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China June 2012

  Tian Yi by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China June 2012

Caroline Trentini

Photos of model Caroline Trentini

Color of The Month : White

WHITE nevergoes out of fashion, andthis monthis no different. Be inspiredseeingthe pics .

Favorite Song Of The Week: Brokenhearted By Karmin

I have heard this song before, but the past few days I have really gotten into it and it has been stuck in my head so far. So Brokenhearted by Karmin is definitely my favourite song of the week! If you don’t know who they are, Karmin consists of engaged couple Amy and Nick whose… More »

All the inspirations and funny facts behind the Zero Gravity Photos

Me and Vespertine did 5 different looks for the Zero Gravity campaign. Some of them we sketched and some of them we created vision boards for.

The song is called Zero Gravity so we didn’t have…

BLACK and WHITE fashion

My favorite black and white looks!

Weekly Win: My Dark White Dream!!!!!

I’m sure u’ve noticed my epic love for everything white. This weeks weekly win gallery is perfectly all white, sprinkled with some creepy cool vibes. Check it out!<3

Trend Spotting With… Sylvs

April showers may bring May flowers, but March is bringing along amazing spring fashion. As we make our way out of Winter I bring you Spring 2011 Trends that I am loving right…

Army of Love shoot

Li Cari Fall/Winter 2008

This is from my Fall/Winter line

My Li Cari Barbieee

meet my best friend and Li Cari model Khristynne! I made this dress for her 18th birthdayyy woo 😀 [you like?]

Li Cari fall/Winter

a look at my Li Cari fall/winter collection [tell me what you think]

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