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Styling Lele Pons for Social Slam

Last weekend was a big social media event called Social Slam Awards ; for VINE stars, YouTubers, and internet personalities. I got to reconnect with my girl Lele Pons who was the first person to ever reach 2 BILLION loops on VINE. So crazy right?! I Dressed her for the red carpet event – she… More »

[June 14, 2014] Bill & Tom Kaulitz@ Astro Burger In LA

Paparazzi spotted Kaulitz twins on Saturday night having a dinner at Astro Burger in West Hollywood (LA), they seem to have a loto f fun together, laughing and smiling. I’m so glad to see them happy. Source: tokiohotelcz.sosugary.com/th

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Hooray Henry’s In West Hollywood [May 8, 2014]

Paparazzi spotted Bill and Tom Kaulitz leaving Hooray Henry’s Club in West Hollywood on Thursday night. There was also Ria with them. Bill earlier posted a pic on his Instagram profile with a sneak peek of his outfit. Source: JustJared.com / tokiohotelcz.sosugary.com

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Bootsy Bellows Nightclub in West Hollywood, USA [August 14, 2012]

Bill and Tom Kaulitz has been spotted again but this time I felt me really sorry about them. It’s the first time ever they try to run and escape from paparazzi, and when all this start, it’s only the beginning of the end of the life there. It’s been like to see Britney who try… More »

Sam Lutfi Excited About Britney Spears On X Factor At Chateau Marmont In West Hollywood

Sam Lufti come back to talk about Britney Spears, but this time there’s nothing about conservatorship or accusing Britney’s mom or accusing Britney to be a drugs abuser and isn’t sound mind.

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WATCH: Jessi Jae Joplin in Vans x Jesse Jo Stark!

Check out this cute little video taken of me over the weekend by Yoisen Rosales. I had a lot of fun frolicking in West Hollywood…in search for pizza. Pretty…

Curiousity: Kaulitz Twins Masks

All of us has been really happy and proud the German band won for the second time a MTV OMA as Biggest Fan Army (“Aliens“) and over all to see them…

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, LA [Oct 31, 2011]

Tom said to be a little bit boring beside Bill, but I think they are so cool and with awesome costumes and masks! He said also that new pictures will be avaiable soon on their new exclusive App. Stay tuned! What do you think about their costumes?

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