Great Music For The Great Gatsby

My saucy kittens, I have got a treat for your ears! As per usual, I was prowling aroung the world wide web for inspo and news when I happened upon some tasty tidbits…

Emerging Talent: Market Colors By Lizzie Wirgau


My friend Lizzie Wirgau, who I have known for many years now, is doing something really cool. Not only is she helping…

The Magic Of Internet

Preamble: I always thought that my blog here on Buzznet was read by such a lot of people and only the one who are signed here, but also worldwide before to rend it private.

I always…

Maxi Dresses: I Love You!

Ok, probably you already know about my new obsession since I talked about it in one of my last daily post: maxi dresses. I really wanna have some of them! If I have to be honest I love them all: totally white or with any other colour, with flowers, with striped bright colors, with abstract… More »

Brief Video Chat With MTV About Britney Video Contest

MTV.com‘s Britney Birthday Video Tournament kicked off on Monday, and it’s already sparked a heated battle amongst fans! Jordan Miller, BreatheHeavy.com webmaster, chatted with MTV about the contest and what videos I think will make the top three. Make sure you keep voting! Check it out! Which video do you think will win the battle?

Britney Spears is “Burning Up”

A better and whole version of Britney’s cover about 80s Madonna “Burning Up”. Rumors say it could be includes in the setlist of the tour.

Hanna Beth’s bday gift project

Hanna Beth fans, please attention! My friend HannaBethfan wants you for an amazing Hanna’s bday gift!

Reblogged from HannaBethfan

Hey little cupcakes. My friend (HannaBethfanBr) and i have an…


Hello world! I just opened my pc and linked on Buzznet and I found a message from Bree… I became a Buzzmaker!!! I’m sooooooo happy and proud to be one of them!! It’s always been one of my dreams since I created a Buzznet profile. I must say Buzznet giving me a lot of satisfactions… More »

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