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#FBF Veronica Mars

In 2004, Veronica Mars premiered on UPN. I bet you haven’t thought about that network in awhile, amirite? This amazing teenage spy show was the bomb and introduced the world to the ever-adorable and insanely talented Kristen Bell. Sadly, this show hit the scene at a weird time, and after two seasons, UPN merged with… More »

Flashback Friday: 10 Memorable TV Proms

Prom season is just around the corner! The event you’ve been waiting for your entire high school career culminates on one of the most highly talked about social events in high school…

Kristen Bell @ Comic Con

Dressed down, but still looks nice. Mannnn, I really miss Veronica Mars.

Kristen Bell @ Comic Con

Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

Kristen Bell @ Comic Con

Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

Kristen Bell @ Comic Con

Hi Veronica Mars! I love your show!

Friday Buzz 3/16

Justin wrote to Britney! Awwww. (Allie is Wired)Lindsay Lohan, reality star? Err… (yeeeah)Save Veronica Mars! Ok I don’t watch but I hear its a good show. (SOW)$42,000 for this fug bag. Gross. (The Dirty Disher)You’ll…

Fridayyyyy Buzz 2/16

OHMYGAH GREYS ANATOMY LAST NIGHT. (ICYDK)Introducing Jayden James Federline-Spears. (Evil Beet)Madonna compares herself to Jesus, Ghandi. (wwtdd)Something about Scarlett Johansen and pudding. (hollyscoop)Veronica Mars, cute in Geek Magazine. (JustJared)Jamie Lynn Spears is acting and stuff….

Well Played: Kristen Bell

We have fugged Kristen Bell a lot. So this is going to be a refreshing change: Heather and I saw a fair amount of La Bell when we were at Fashion Week, and it seems… from

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