[FAN MADE VIDEO] Hitler’s Reaction To Britney Spears Las Vegas Residency

A really clever fan put together a hilarious clip parodying “Hitler’s” reaction to the Las Vegas residency news. If you have a few extra minutes and need a good laugh you’re going to love this. I really really had a lot of fun watching this video. HAHAHA Check it out and tell me what you… More »

Wendy Williams Talks Britney In Vegas

Apparently Wendy Williams and her panelists are certified doctors, because they believe Britney’s in a “fragile mental state” and discuss how that’ll affect her residency in Las Vegas. Wendy Williams’ advice is for her to stay out of the spotlight and re-connect with her boys (who points out have terrible teeth), but fails to recognize… More »

Official Britney Spears X Factor Auditions In San Francisco, California – Day One

Today is the first set of X Factor auditions in San Fransisco / Oakland, California.

She’ll also judge on Sunday and Monday in CA as well.



What you should bring to concerts

So my new found  love is helping all you dolls out when it comes to concerts. I have been to about a hundred of shows (inside,outside, festivals, small,big) and something you might not…

Britney Spears Inside The Venue For X Factor Auditions In Austin, Texas

Shots of Britney inside during the auditions with the other judges

Remember The Day: Tokio Hotel Live In Modena [July 11th, 2008]

July for me it’s a really special month, especially if I connect it to Tokio Hotel: I knew them in July, I saw them for the first time in July, I met the twins in…

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